Bold and Wonderful Interiors to Inspire

A living room with a bold and yellow statue in the middle of the room.

There are rooms that set the scale for unique and bold.  These rooms work even when disparate objects are introduced into the design scheme.  Quirky, bold and utterly original, these interiors grab our attention.  Here are some bold and wonderful interiors to inspire you and tips on how to achieve your own unique rooms.

A living room with bold blue chairs and a wonderful chandelier.
Unique wall treatment, colors and accessories make this room original (Suzanne Eason Interiors via Pinterest)
A bold living room with red and yellow furniture and a fireplace.
A mix of bold colors combine to enliven this space (Pinterest)
The lobby of a hotel is decorated in bold turquoise and blue, creating a wonderful interior to inspire.
Interior designer Kelly Wearstler creates wonderful, unique spaces (Pinterest)

Your home’s walls are a blank canvas.  Adorn them with art, wallpaper, tiles, murals or paint.  Break out of your comfort zone and try out bold new colors and designs.  The walls are the starting point of any good design.  You can choose a neutral color and get creative with color and pattern elsewhere in your design, or you can start bold and create a work of art from which to base your room design.

A room with bold and wonderful interiors featuring a bed, a sink, and a mirror.
Unique wall treatments draw attention in the Andaz-Amsterdam Hotel (viewhomedesign.blogspot)
A living room with bold floral wallpaper.
Bold blooms encase this room (
A bedroom with a bold and wonderful bed.
Tiles on the bedroom wall bring texture and interest to this bedroom (decoist)
A bold and wonderful green and silver bedroom with a bed to inspire.
Unique wall covering brings shine to this vibrant green bedroom (Interior designer Rebecca James via
A living room with bold blue walls and wonderful colorful furniture.
Bold glossy paint and vibrant hues of upholstery give this room an eclectic charm (decoist)

Unique decorative objects and art add so much to a room.  Go for a piece that is totally original that you love.  Display it in a place of honor and it becomes the focal point of your room.  Create your own abstract art on a large canvas or directly on the wall.  Unique furniture and accessories add personality to your home.  Display pieces in unexpected ways.  Display modern art and objects in traditional spaces or mix vintage and antique with modern.

Bold interiors with a large red painting on the wall.
Bold artwork makes a statement (William T. Georgis, interior designer via
A dining room with a bold painting on the wall.
A unique painting raises this room from ordinary to statement-worthy (floridadesign)
A living room with a bold mural on the wall.
A wall mural is the focal point of this room (trendier)
A white living room with a wonderful large painting on the wall.
Unique abstract art and decorative objects contrast stylishly in this white room (trendier)
A bold entryway with a yellow rug and a staircase.
Bright yellow benches bring color to this entryway (
A white living room with bold and wonderful interiors to inspire.
Interesting wood tables and decorative screens add texture to this space (inspiritoo)

Color combinations can create harmony in a room.  Balanced correctly, contrasting colors can energize a space.  Turn to the color wheel for reference of contrasting and complementary colors or just use colors you love!  Mix a variety of colors with throw pillows and upholstered pieces.

A living room with bold and wonderful blue and red furniture to inspire.
Red and turquoise make a wonderful color fusion in this room (maisonidee)
A bold living room with a wonderful couch and a coffee table.
Bold upholstered pieces are the focal point of this room (idesignarch)
Bold and colorful living room with vibrant furniture and a stunning chandelier.
A bold expression of color blends together in this room (whiterocklifestyle)
A bold living room with red walls and a wonderful chandelier.
A vibrant red accent wall and a mix of blue and fuchsia create a welcoming space (
A dining room with bold orange walls and wonderful green chairs.
A beautiful combination of bold coral and green (Houzz)
A living room with a bold fireplace.
Beautiful color combination of green and pink (Houzz)
Bold and Wonderful living room with a pink couch and a fireplace to inspire.
Lilac painted walls and deep fuchsia upholstery make this room stand out (trendir)

Include something unexpected in your design or just create a room that is out of the norm; what others just don’t expect.  Paint the walls black for a dramatic vibe.  Install an extraordinary architectural detail.  Paint furniture an unexpected color or cover traditional furniture in modern fabrics.  Use contrasting patterns, textures and colors in a room for maximum impact and dimension.

14 Beautiful Modern Wallpaper Designs for Your Bedroom
A room with bold black walls and a chair.
Black color scheme is unexpected and catches the attention (
A dining room with a bold and wonderful large table and chairs.
A bold ceiling panel adds luxury touch of the unexpected (Pinterest)
A dining room with bold red and white chairs and a wonderful mirror.
Eclectic design with unexpected red chairs (interiordesignforhouses)
A living room with bold and colorful furniture, inspiring a sense of wonder in its visitors.
A unique and colorful garage conversion (Pinterest)
A bathroom with a bold black tub and wonderful blue walls.
A black bathroom accented with dark jewel tones (idesignarch)
A small kitchen with bold tiled walls and a stove.
Lively mixed patterns and tile give this kitchen interest and dimension (denoxa)
A living room with a bold blue couch and a wonderful red ottoman.
Classic upholstered pieces are bolstered with bright fabrics and give a soft edge to this modern room (homedecorativedesign)

There are some room designs that just stand out.  These spaces take us outside the norm of everyday design and give us a view into something unexpected, luxurious and unique.  There are rooms that are a combination of simple items that form a cohesive look far from ordinary.  These interiors contain different materials, unique furnishings and accessories, beautiful colors and a mix of styles.

Bold and Wonderful Interiors to Inspire, featuring modern living room with gold and gray furniture.
Bold and luxurious interior design by Jean-Louis Deniot (loviesspeed.blogspot)
A bold living room with a black and yellow color scheme, featuring a fireplace.
Bold luxury in glowing gold accents (interiorsbystudiom)
A living room with bold blue and white walls and a table and chairs.
Bright, colorful modern interior (decoist)
A room with a hanging chair, inspiring interiors.
A cozy modern alcove (homedeco2u)
A dining room with bold and wonderful floral wallpaper.
Combine styles for a fresh look (interior-design-décor)
A modern living room with bold and wonderful brown furniture and a chandelier.
Modern luxury (homedeco2u)
A kitchen with a large island and bar stools, inspiring bold interiors.
Sleek and modern kitchen combines wood and steel (interiorexteriorideas)
A bold blue and white entryway with a wonderful black and white checkered floor.
Bold blue and reflective surfaces highlight this space (decorfox)
A modern dining room with a bold and large painting on the wall.
Sleek modern space with overall appeal (homedeco2u)

Decorating is a personal journey.  Feel free to create a home that is full of color, life and excitement.  This journey is never-ending.  Your life and tastes are constantly evolving.  Make your home truly personal and you may be surprised at the results.  Be bold and venture outside of your comfort zone.  Let these images inspire you to create a unique vision that is fun, stylish, comfortable and completely you!


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