7 Interior Design Trends to Love

An Interior Design Trend to Love: A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.

A trend is momentary style.  You can love it or hate it.  You can choose to embrace the trendy for your home or wait until the next new hot item comes along.  But one certainty with trends is that they can give you a reason to update your interiors.  Here are seven of 2015’s trends that are gaining momentum and that you might just love.

A chandelier made of branches with light bulbs hanging from them, showcasing an interior design trend to love.
Edison bulbs strung around a branch answer to the trends (lushome)

1.  Marbleized

The marbleized motif is showing up on walls, floors, fabrics and decorative accessories.  Either faux or the genuine item, marble is a long-standing favorite for many.  It can be used to enhance your floors, walls and countertops.  The variety of patterns and colors of marble can create unique accessories for your home.  Textiles and decorative items with the marbleized effect look great throughout the home.

A trendy pillow with green and blue swirls on it.
Marbleized accessories are a top trend for 2015 (houseandhome via Pinterest)
An interior design trend featuring a dining room with a black and white striped rug.
Marbleized walls lend a natural element to this dining space (Pinterest)
A set of white plates and cups with a marble pattern that incorporates interior design trends.
Marbleized dinnerware (trendoffice.blogspot)
A trendy black and white obelisk on a white background, perfect for interior design.
Marble obelisk fits in the marbleized trend for 2015 (scullyandscully)
An orange and black marbled box on a white surface showcasing interior design trends.
Beautiful marbleized decorative box (Etsy)

2.  Edison Bulb

The Edison bulb is a vintage filament type bulb that fits nicely into the very popular industrial style of decorating.  It has both a modern and vintage vibe, mixing well with all styles from primitive to modern.  Light fixtures that utilize and are created around the Edison bulb are generally constructed of vintage wire, glass or simply hang from cord or chain.

Five edison light bulbs hanging - Interior Design Trends.
The Edison bulb is trending for 2015, giving an industrial vibe (neatshtuff)
Glass globe pendant lights hanging from a window, showcasing 7 Interior Design Trends to Love.
Edison bulb lighting fixture (Pinterest)
A log cabin living room.
Edison bulb lighting fixture (sustainablelivingnews)
A chandelier with numerous light bulbs hanging from it, showcasing the latest interior design trend.
Edison bulb lighting fixture adds a industrial flair (betterhomelifestyle)

3.  Branches

Nature is always in style.  Infuse some nature in your interiors with branches.  That’s right…even simple branches from your back yard can become decorative accents.  Place them in decorative containers, lean them against the wall or make a headboard out of them.  Wallpaper with the branch motif makes a great backdrop in a room as well.  Branches are appearing in the home in a myriad of ways.

A home with a stone wall and a door leading to a patio, featuring interior design trends.
Beautiful natural accent with branches (yacineaziz)
An interior design trend featuring a stairway with a tree.
Branches displayed in a glass container add natural element (brownpaperstring.blogspot)
A bedroom with birch trees, incorporating the interior design trend of nature-inspired elements.
Branches make a statement in this bedroom (raguke)
A gray chair in front of a black and white wallpaper with trendy interiors.
Branches wallpaper gives a new dimension to interiors (Houzz)
A trendy bedroom with a bed and a desk.
Branches wallpaper in a soft green wake up this nature-inspired bedroom (aliexpress)

4.  Statement Rugs

Statement rugs are those that make an impact on a room.  They stand out because of their color or design.  Area rugs bring a room alive and add dimension, texture and color.  When designing a room, choose the rug first and use it as a guide for selecting colors.  This will pull the room together for a cohesive look.  If you find a room missing something, try adding an area rug that really stands out to give your room a fresh boost.  Use  pillows, throws and accessories to mirror the colors in the rug.

Versatile Furniture for Living Room Multi-Use Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide to Multipurpose Furnishing
A room featuring a vibrant rug and elegant chandelier, showcasing interior design trends.
Flowing color in the rug is mimicked in the chandelier (housetodecor)
A white couch in a trendy living room.
Colorful area rug lifts this space (brit)
A living room with a large painting on the wall showcasing 7 interior design trends to love.
Tribal print rug sets the tone of this room (european-web.org)
7 Interior Design Trends to Love in a living room with a couch, chairs, and a rug.
Red area rug provides a burst of color and contrast for this room (Pinterest)
A living room with a colorful rug, highlighting one of the interior design trends to love.
Blocks of bold color in this area rug enhance this space (decoist)

5.  Geometric Lighting

The geometric trend is winding down for interiors in general, but lighting has taken on a new shape.  Geometric lighting fixtures are an appealing home addition.  They give a modern flair to rooms and are simple in design.  Orbs, octagons, triangles and squares are turning up the light volume in stylish and chic ways.

Three pendant lights.
Fun geometric shapes (interiorexteriorideas)
A geometric light fixture in a modern interior design.
Geometric lighting fixture (cococozy)
A modern table lamp that embodies one of the 7 Interior Design Trends to Love.
Lovely geometrically shaped table lamp (residentiallighting)
A trendy bronze table lamp with a beige shade.
Fun geometric table lamp (inside-outside.blogspot)
A geometric pendant light for your interior design needs.
A simple geometric shape adds modern kick to this fixture (humblehardyhappenings)

6.  Tribal Print

The worldly, well-traveled, bohemian vibe is going strong and that includes tribal prints.  Upholstery, blankets, rugs and other textiles give rooms a spike of color and texture.  They conjure images of other lands and cultures, either dreamed of or remembered from travels.  These vibrant patterns create a home that is warm and welcoming.

A colorful bedroom with a upholstered chair and bed.
Colorful tribal prints bring life to this bedroom (decoist)
7 Interior Design Trends to Love: A living room with a brown couch and colorful rug.
Tribal print rug anchors this space (interiorsbystudiom)
Colorful pillows on a couch.
Tribal print pillows add color and texture to rooms (Pinterest)

7.  Knots

Something as simple as a knot makes a very complex and unique decorative accessory.  Glass knots are a popular trend for tabletop embellishment.  A variety of colors, textures and sizes make these gems fun and quirky additions to your bookshelf, desk or tabletop.  To take it a step further, enjoy these interesting designs in lighting as well.  Chandeliers with the knot design make a statement.

A group of colorful boxes with a variety of toys inside, showcasing interior design trends to love.
Colorful glass knot table accessories from West Elm
A glass sculpture featuring a brown and white pattern, perfect for interior design enthusiasts.
Artistic knot accessory (Houzz)
Seven of the most trending interior design ideas to adore.
A collection of glass knot paperweights give a boost to table decor (Pinterest)
A modern glass chandelier illuminating a stylish interior.
Glass knot chandelier (Pinterest)

So, marbleized accents, Edison light bulbs and fixtures, branches, statement rugs, geometric lighting, tribal prints and knots.  These are a few of the 2015 design trends that are showing up in homes.  Enjoy one or all, whether you are decorating from scratch or just updating.  Have fun and enjoy the moment as you explore these trendy decorating options.



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