Industrial Touches: 24 Exposed Copper Pipe Decorating Projects

A copper side table.

Industrial interior design is about displaying and showcasing mechanical elements and building materials that are usually concealed. Its “unfinished” look holds within itself endless possibilities. One way to recreate that industrial appeal is by putting an emphasis on rustic metals such as brushed nickel, cast iron metals and copper.

Copper pipes are stylish elements to decorate with if you are searching for a way to introduce that industrial flair into your home. In this article you’ll find 24 fabulous copper pipe DIY projects. Let’s take a look.

An orange lounge chair on top of a rug.
The copper pipe frame give “The Hopeless Diamond Sofa” by Christopher Stuart an intriguing look (
A coffee table with a bag on it in a living room featuring a copper pipe.
Lovely coffee table with painted top and copper pipe legs (

Industrial style is often paired with minimalism and it’s considered masculine and cold in appearance. To brush off the roughness and add some color, use copper.

Copper pipe decorating projects are budget friendly. You can use them to create a variety of items from lighting fixtures to furniture.

A copper pipe utensil rack.
Copper pipes are cleverly connected to form a pot rack (
A ladder with a pan hanging on a copper pipe.
Stylish copper connectors and wood rack (
A copper pipe wine rack with many bottles hanging on it.
Beautiful contrast between the warmth of the copper and the wine bottles (
A copper pipe wine rack with three bottles.
Fancy copper pipe and white leather wine rack (
A child's room with a chalkboard wall and copper pipe accents.
Copper pipes are placed in the spotlight by the chalkboard wall (
A coffee shop with copper pipe accents and a checkered floor.
Beautiful open shelving for the kitchen (

Copper pipes make clever, industrial yet classy storage racks for your kitchen. If you fancy open shelving, these DIY projects are for you.

A copper shower head with pipes.
Stunning copper pipe shower installation by AXOR (
A black and white arrow towel hanging on a copper pipe.
Copper pipe and wood combined to make a stylish towel bar (
A bathroom with a copper sink and mirror connected by copper pipes.
Copper pipes add touch of opulence in a white dominated bathroom (
A copper pipe towel rack with towels hanging on it.
Copper towel rack adds a touch of industrial flair (

We’re moving from the kitchen to the bathroom. Here, you can use copper pipes for faucets, showers and towel bars and racks.

An office with a white desk, copper pipe, and a lamp.
Industrial lighting fixture is emphasized by its white surroundings (
A copper lamp on a table with a picture frame.
DIY must: Create an impressive lamp using copper pipes (
Two pictures of a copper pendant light hanging on a wall.
DIY madness: Amazing lightning fixture using copper pipes (
A living room with a grey couch and copper pipe accents.
Stunning floor lamp (

There are so many lighting fixtures designs you can create. Just unleash your creativity.

A white shirt hangs on a wooden rack in a copper pipe bedroom.
Copper pipe clothes rack perfect for a fashionista (
A copper pipe ladder rack with clothes hanging on it.
Put your accessories boldly on display with a copper stair (

Give your home a fancy boutique flair with copper pipes clothes rack.

A copper pipe clock is hanging on a wall.
Creative projects: DIY copper pipe and wood clock (
A copper pipe magazine rack with books on it.
DIY copper pipe madness: Stylish magazine holder (
A copper pipe candle holder sits on a wooden table.
Trendy copper pipe candle holder for a dinner to remember (
A copper pipe laptop stand with a laptop on it.
DIY copper pipe laptop holder (
Three copper pipe-framed signs with the words look up more and live more hanging on the wall.
Get creative with copper pipes: DIY photo frames (

With copper pipes, the design possibilities are limited only by your creativity. What do you think about these projects?

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