Whimsical Interiors Spark the Fun

A whimsical dining room with a green table and chairs.

Let’s explore the lighter side of interior design.  Use your imagination and infuse your home with personality by celebrating your unique style.  The wonderful, whimsical home is a perfect way to do this.  By adding humor and the unexpected to your interior, you can capture this warm endearing style.  Spark some fun with whimsical interiors.

A room with whimsical yellow chairs and a glass door.
Whimsical accents (pixgood)
A whimsical home office with gold desk and chairs.
Gold hand chairs add whimsy to this office (aflippenlife.blogspot)
A living room with a whimsical ceiling and striped rug.
A bright and whimsical interior (Pinterest)

Fun, vibrant décor is a great way to capture a bit of whimsy in your home.  Play with color and see where it leads.  Paint furniture in bright colors and patterns.  Use bright colors in accents and incorporate vivid patterns.

A whimsical room with a red wall and a colorful dresser.
Colorfully painted furniture for the whimsical interior (todayscreativeblog.net)
A dining room with whimsical colorful chairs and a chandelier.
Colorful seating with whimsical shapes accent this room (interiordesignpro.org)
A living room with a whimsical blue couch.
Variety of pattern and bright accents add a touch of whimsy (decoradvisor.net)

Display groups of unique items.  Remember those antique toys your grandmother gave you?  Take them out of the attic and proudly display them on a table or shelf.  If you have a collection that you’ve always thought too silly or weird but loved just the same, bring it out and put it on display.

A living room with a whimsical red armoire and other items.
Unique collections add a touch of whimsy (Pinterest)

Look for fun finds, such as stone pillows.  These are great for a child’s room or to enjoy in the family room.  They add a quirky sense of fun and make great throw pillows or even a unique seating option.  A pair of unicorn heads to greet your guests?  Why not!  A teepee in the living room?  Sure!

A group of whimsical grey rocks on a carpet.
Stone pillows add great whimsy (livingstonepillows)
Whimsical hallway with horse heads and a chandelier.
Make a whimsical statement (interiordesign-2012.blogspot)
A whimsical pink chair in a living room.
Kourtney Kardashian’s residence designed by Jeff Andrews is fully whimsy (hauteresidence)

Escape to a fairytale world of your own making with whimsical accents and furniture.  Who says you can’t use a ping pong table as a dining table?  If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in an enchanted forest, make it so with a wonderfully whimsical bed of trees.

A whimsical living room with a ping pong table.
A ping pong table doubles as a dining table in this whimsical interior (decoradvisor.net)
A whimsical white canopy bed.
A wonderfully whimsical bedroom (brushesandbell.wordpress)
Whimsical interiors with a tree house and a bunk bed in a children's room.
A whimsical interior full of charm (1.bp.blogspot via Pinterest)

Have fun with words.  Take your favorite phrases and use them to decorate walls, pillows and other textiles.  Apply them as a unique tile design in the shower.

Creating a Master Bedroom Sitting Area
A whimsical bedroom with a bed and a wall decal with the word snooze.
Have some fun with words (Pinterest)
A whimsical bathroom featuring a black and white tiled shower.
Add some whimsy with bath tiles (Pinterest)
A whimsical bedroom with a bed, a bedside table, and a bathtub.
Have fun with word play in the bedroom (Pinterest)

The key to whimsical interiors is to not take decorating too seriously.  Enjoy the process.  Personalize your rooms by incorporating your own unique idea of whimsy.  The whimsical home is fun, lighthearted and warm.  It is brimming with creativity and life.  Take a look around and see where your decorating can use a bit of the unexpected.


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