Ideas for a Bold and Beautiful Powder Room

A powder room with a marble floor and a mirror.


The powder room is the one room in the house where you can really push the decorating envelope.  It is a small space and does not require a large amount of resources.  It doesn’t receive the traffic that other rooms in the house do.  The powder room is a space where you can truly let your creativity run wild.  Here are a few ideas for transforming this space into a bold and beautiful reflection of you.

What style appeals to you?  Is it traditional elegance or do you prefer a more understated look?  Do you like a more contemporary style, using the latest in design trends?  Either way, you can create a space that appeals to your design preferences and meets the needs of you and your guests.

Begin your powder room makeover with the walls.  Paint is the easiest way to quickly change a room.  Put aside any preconceived notions of neutral walls and add a bold color like deep red, navy blue, or even black.  Take it a step further with a metallic gold or silver paint.  Add old world texture by sponging on a gloss after painting or use stencils to create your own paint patterns.  Wallpaper is another great way to enhance the powder room.  Choose a bold pattern or a textured wallpaper for even more impact.

A powder room with grey wallpaper and a sink.

Update the vanity with an heirloom-worthy piece that reflects the style you choose.  Install a vessel sink and replace the standard fixtures with modern polished nickel or elegant bronze.  For lighting, you can forgo the standard vanity strip lights and choose more decorative sconces or even a chandelier to add glamour.

15 beautiful bedroom inspirations

A silver chandelier with crystal drops, perfect for a powder room. A metal-framed wall sconce with a glass shade, perfect for a powder room.     A chrome wall sconce with a white shade perfect for a powder room.

(Lighting photos courtesy of

Add the finishing touches to the powder room with a beautifully framed mirror, wall art and plush hand towels.  Offer plenty of luxurious soaps and lotions and you will have a powder room that will make you and your guests feel pampered.







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