Meet Oceanside: The Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color Of The Year

Oceanside is an inspiring color!

Meet Oceanside the Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year. This blue is intense, rich, and lustrous. This shade nestles itself someplace between the colors of deep indigo and peacock blue. Indeed, you can apply this shade anyplace in your home for a posh feeling.

Last year’s shade was Poised Taupe, a lavish neutral. On the other hand, Oceanside is a color choice that’s bold. However, a refreshing hint of green undertone keeps the blue grounded and neutral. You may add pops of color or treat entire rooms with this color.

Of course, the choice is yours. How bold can you go?


Indeed, this is a grand dining room. Accenting the tray ceiling and the top half of the wall with Oceanside was a paint stroke of genius! | Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams
sherwin-williams oceanside
Indeed, I’d want to spend productive time in this office!
Wow! This bedroom pops! Indeed, the crisp white linens look dreamy against the rich blue wall. | Photo Credit: Vintage Revivals
In fact, you can lose yourself in a blue pool when you enjoy sitting in your own living room. | Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams
Do you notice how crisp whites pair so perfectly with this color? | Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams


Invite your guests to dip into Oceanside when you greet them with this color.

Take note of how regal this blue is on the front door of the home. What a way to greet your guests! |Photo Credit: Pinterest
On the other hand, you can accent your foyer with pops of this intense blue. | Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams


If you love the color but would like to use it lightly, try painting an accent table or kitchen island in this shade.

Add Oceanside for an instant update to your kitchen cabinets.| Photo Credit: Pinterest
Perhaps you love the color but you’re less committed? Try painting one furniture this color for a splash of blue in your space. | Photo Credit: DIY Home & Garden

In conclusion, give Oceanside a try. It’s bold and luxe yet cozy and easy to use. And when in doubt, pair it with white to keep it light and bright.


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