5 Smart Ways To Use Mirrors In A Small Home or Apartment

A living room with blue walls, white furniture, and mirrors for added visual depth.

Read on to learn 5 smart ways to use mirrors in a small home or apartment. Because they reflect light, mirrors can make any room look bigger. In fact, decorators use mirrors to achieve many styles. From modern to glam to country chic, you should be using mirrors!

A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and mirrors for a sleek and reflective look.
Of course, you can use mirrors to open up a small kitchen. (kitchendining.info)
A kitchen with white cabinets and a sink, utilizing mirrors.
In fact, you can purchase stick-on mirrors to make the job easier. (fresh-proxies.net)

First, consider mirrors for the kitchen. Cabinets are instantly updated. Narrow kitchens will appear wider.

A living room with a white couch and the strategic use of mirrors.
Double the size of a room with mirrored wall tiles. (homeklondike.site)
A room with mirrors amplifying the presence of a grey couch.
Indeed, contemporary decorators love mirror wall tiles. (housebeautiful.com)

Wall tiles make a fashion statement. In fact, they can look contemporary or glamorous. Keep the look updated. Install them on the diagonal.  Also, you can select large format tiles. Either one looks fresh and modern.

A bathroom designed for use with mirrors on the wall.
In this arrangement, the decorator arranged the mirrors in a fresh way. (homesfeed.com)
A large mirror filled with squares.
However, you can get the same effect from a purchased piece (makipera.com)

Use mirrors as wall art. Also, be sure to ditch the heavy wood frames. Indeed, choosing beveled edges will look contemporary.

A bathroom with blue walls and a white toilet equipped with mirrors.
Indeed, a mirror reflects the light from a skylight.Beautiful! (loversiq.com)
A silver tray adorned with candles, flowers, and mirrors.
In fact, you can reflect candle light for romance. (pinterest.com)

Of course, we know that mirrors reflect the light. Think about using them in alternate light sources. Indeed, reflecting the light of a sky light can be a smart move. Also, arrange candles on a mirrored tray to create an intimate setting.

A formal dining room with a mirror.
Indeed, you can widen a narrow foyer with mirrors. (artflyz.com)
A living room with blue walls, white furniture, and mirrors for added visual depth.
Small rooms get a big look with mirrors. (sonomamag.com)

Finally, use mirrors to make small rooms feel bigger. In fact, this is the reason most people decorate with mirrors. Because they are reflective, mirrors brighten the space. This makes the room appear larger.

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