The Chic and Elegant Chinoiserie Style

A chic dining room adorned with elegant Chinoiserie-style wallpaper and complemented by blue chairs.

Chinoiserie is a style of decorating with Chinese influence.  It is most recognized by Chinese motifs, often including flowers and birds.  This highly decorative style flooded into the European market in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Furniture makers created artistic pieces with Chinese motifs.  Fabrics, wallpaper, and accessories were abundant with the theme.  Chinoiserie is a beautiful style of decorating that is a colorful, distinguished addition to interiors.

A living room with a chic and elegant green couch.
A elegant mirror in a Chinoiserie-style room with a green dresser.

Chinoiserie furniture takes its shape and ornate decoration from Chinese culture.  Chests, armoires and folding screens are often lacquered and intricately hand painted.  The characteristic lines of the Chinese Chippendale style furniture is prominent in dining and side chairs.

An ornate red and gold bureau in a chic and elegant Chinoiserie style.
An elegant black and gold chest of drawers in the chic Chinoiserie style.
French Chinoiserie Bombe Chest,
An elegant chair with a gold upholstered seat in the chic Chinoiserie style.
Chinese Chippendale Arm Chair,

Beautifully designed wallpaper and fabrics make for a formal and gracious dining room with the distinctive Chinoiserie style.  There is a classic appeal to this style that lends itself well to the dining room.

A chic and elegant dining room with blue walls and a chandelier in the Chinoiserie style.
Architectural Digest
A chic and elegant dining room with green wallpaper in the Chinoiserie style.
A dining room with chic and elegant chinoiserie-style floral wallpaper and a chandelier.

Bed canopies resembling traditional Chinese rooftops create a majestic scenario in the master suite.  Hand painted chests and armoires accent the room, while fanciful fabric frames the windows to create an oasis of Chinese flair.

Chic Chinoiserie-inspired canopy bed.
An ornately decorated cabinet in a chic and elegant room.
Ann Getty Design, online.wsj
A picture of a Chinese village representing the chic and elegant Chinoiserie style.
Scalamandre Chinoiserie Shanghai Toile Fabric

Large folding screens serve as excellent backdrops behind the living room sofa.  Splendid in their intricate scenes hand painted or carved from jade and inlaid with mother of pearl accents, these screens are an icon to the Chinoiserie style.  Accessorizing with porcelain and ceramic jars with Chinese motifs adds to the character and depth in the room.

A living room adorned in the chic and elegant Chinoiserie style featuring a couch and coffee table.
An elegantly decorated room with a dresser and mirror in the chic Chinoiserie style.
Chic and elegant Chinese porcelain lamps in a Chinoiserie style.
19c French Chinoiserie Porcelain Lamps, 1stdibs

Small touches of Chinoiserie make a bold statement in contemporary spaces, as in the dining room chairs below.  Two arm chairs, a folding screen and pillow fabric subtly bring out the Chinoiserie influence in the room below.

Styling The Perfect Bookcase
A chic and elegant white dining room with blue chairs and a chandelier.
A chic and elegant Chinoiserie living room with oriental furniture.

The rich colors and patterns of Chinoiserie style create rooms that are elegant and vibrant with color and culture.  The rich history of this beautiful design style, combined with the glorious color and story behind each hand-painted piece, makes for an elegant and chic addition to the modern home.


A room decorated in the chic and elegant Chinoiserie style, featuring a dresser, chair, and painting.
A room with elegant chinoiserie-style wallpaper.
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