From the Runway to Your Home

A woman is walking down the street in a vibrant Fall 2014 outfit.

To truly get a grasp of current trends in interior design, you need not look further than the fashion runway.  This international mecca of style dictates what you will see in the home interior market.  The runway is the place to get a sneak peek at what colors, patterns, shapes and styles the home market will show for any particular season.

There were three standouts on the fall 2014 runway:  fur, bright color and bold pattern.  You can incorporate these elements into your home in a variety of ways.


 Two pictures of a chair and a chair with fur showcasing fall 2014 design trends.

When the first cool days of fall begin and you want to bring warmth to your interiors, faux fur is one way to do just that.  Used sparingly throughout the home, faux fur can add a touch of unexpected texture.  A plush area rug in the family room, a few throw pillows on the living room sofa, a luxurious faux mink throw at the foot of the bed or a chair seat upholstered in sheepskin add just the right touch of warmth and style.


Paris fashion week Fall 2014.                 A living room showcasing Fall 2014 design trends with vibrant orange and green accents.

Wake up tired rooms with bright paint, contrasting throw pillows and bold accessories.  Don’t forget the windows and floors.  Vibrantly hued fabrics at the windows will frame the room nicely and a rug that pulls in all the colors of the room will anchor the space.

A model walks down the runway in a pink coat and pink skirt, showcasing Fall 2014 design trends.               A living room with pink decor in line with Fall 2014 design trends.

Don’t be intimidated by bold patterns.  The key to successful mixing of patterns is scale and color.  Use patterns in varying styles and scales to balance the room.  Use one bold print and combine that with a smaller stripe and add geometrics.  Keep colors uniform.

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A model showcases a black and white patterned dress on the runway, embodying Fall 2014 design trends.               A black and white dining room featuring Fall 2014 design trends.

So if you want to bring fashion into your home this fall, look no further than the runway.  Whether it’s luxurious fur, a fun and flirty mix of patterns or bold colors that enliven a room, don’t be afraid to try one or try them all.


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