Poised Taupe: Meet Sherwin Williams 2017 Color of the Year

A bathroom with poised taupe walls and a bathtub

Meet Poised Taupe, the color Sherwin Williams named their 2017 Color of the Year. This taupe is the perfect shade. It makes you feel calm, rested, and at peace. It is neutral. This is because it is almost a gray with just a touch of green to keep the tone cool. This shade is truly a fabulous way to step up your next design project.

Taupe is a classic color. It is well-known by designers to be a color that grounds their design and allows them to pop bursts of fashion colors in a fun and creative way.

Use Poised Taupe when staging a home to sell.  http:www.houzz.com

Use Poised Taupe when you are staging your home to sell it. The rich, restful tones make the buyer feel relaxed. In addition, the neutral shade allows them to visualize their own artwork in the home.  Finally, your wood trims will pop against the taupe. This gives the home a very high-end look and increases the perceived value.


Sherwin Williams Poised Taupe   http://www.sherwin-williams.com

Welcome guests with a foyer painted Poised Taupe. This is because this color allows you to add bursts of colors in your accessories. For example, the coral roses above bloom to life with the neutral paint selection. Also, the white woodwork gleams and the polished wood floors shine.

Taupe kitchenA kitchen with a large window and a table, featuring poised taupe accents.


A kitchen with poised taupe walls and a white refrigerator.
Poised Taupe is magical in the kitchen.

Because of its neutral color, Poised Taupe is magnificent in the kitchen. Get an instant update by painting your walls this color.  Also, you can add pops of fun kitchen accessories to liven up the look. Bottle greens, yellows, and oranges add vibrancy to the look.

A classic bedroom with a bed.
Poised Taupe in the master bedroom offers a warm environment.

A bedroom with a bed and chair in poised taupe.


A poised taupe bedroom with a bed and a mirror.

Also, consider Poised Taupe for a bedroom makeover. This shade is restful and calm.  Add crisp white linens and sexy lighting for a look that is posh and inviting.

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A bathroom with poised taupe walls and a bathtub

While you’re updating your master bedroom, go ahead and update your master bath. Get a luxury look with Poised Taupe. This gives your bathroom a calm, spa feel.

A collage featuring a chair, a vase, and a picture with hints of poised taupe.

Finally, if you think that an entire taupe wall isn’t for you, just add it in small doses. Add accessories such as pillows, side chairs, or small decorative pieces in trendy taupe.

A sanded taupe background.
Sherwin Williams Poised Taupe pleases the eye.


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