Indulge in the Luxury of a Walk-in Shower


A walk in shower doesn’t require a lot of budget or space, but it can transform your bathroom into a modern and contemporary room with minimal and stylish features that makes you want to indulge and pamper.

A unique feature shower can give you luxury and style (

The best way to create a flawless and luxe vibe with a walk in shower is to cover it in marble. Waterproof, durable, beautifully and also expensive, it’s an indulgence that is well worth the investment.

A walk in shower in an entirely separate room give you ultimate privacy (

Ceramic tiles can also give your walk-in shower a gorgeous look. Available in almost endless choices of size and colour, ceramic tiles give you the option to be creative and relay your personal style in your bathroom.

A simple glass partition won’t limit space or light in a smaller room (
A ‘wet room’ style shower is super minimalistic and requires very little work (
Lots of colour and interesting patterns can make a large shower feel more comfortable and fun (

To get a truly minimal and seamless style, you can install a walk-in shower and rainfall shower system with no structural changes to your home, apart from adding a clear glass partition. What you sacrifice in privacy, you gain in style and modernity.

With plenty of space you can turn a walk in shower into a full wet room with seating (
A larger and more powerful shower will require a larger waterproof space (
Mix modern minimalism with traditional rustic style for a contemporary and stylish shower (


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