Recreating the Charm of a Rustic Home

A rustic dog stands on a checkered kitchen floor.

There’s something very charming and comforting about a rustic and shabby home. Warm colours and textures that envelop the room, and a relaxed atmosphere that leads to better communication and family lifestyles is the ultimate kind of interior design.

An easy way to make your home feel instantly rustic is to add more natural wood – the knottier, the better. Exposing your home’s beams is a sure-fire way to give your home rustic appeal.

You can mix contemporary décor with rustic, just make sure the balance is right for your tastes (
A rustic barn door in a white room.
One rustic feature like this wooden sliding door can create rustic charm in an instant (
A rustic log cabin bathroom featuring a tub and sink.
Wooden cladding and décor will create a luxury and warm log cabin feel (

Rustic homes can have a traditional layout and therefore windows are small and limited. Darker shades of wood also absorb lots of light. Maximise the light in your home by using muted and pastel colour palettes.

A rustic dining space with a large table and chairs.
Maximise your light to counteract the darkness often associated with rustic style (
A rustic dog stands on a checkered kitchen floor.
Lighter colours and lighter shades of wood will give your kitchen a softer vibe (
A rustic kitchen with a wooden table and chairs.
Use pastel accents to add colour and light to a plain rustic kitchen (

To make your rustic home even more comfortable and welcoming, make sure you incorporate lots of softer textures in the room. Wool, cotton, and linens work well and add a softer touch and deeper feeling to the home.

A living room with a stone fireplace and cozy couches, recreating the charm of a rustic home.
Combine different muted tones for a comfy and layered style (
Recreating the rustic charm of a wooden coat rack.
Let your décor and possessions dictate the room’s theme and colour palette (
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