7 Clever Garage Ideas To Turn It into a Multi-Functional Room

Garages are the unsung heroes of every household. Typically, a garage is designed as space for us to park our cars but they can be more than just that. There are clever garage ideas that can transform your garage into a multi-functional room. How about turning it into a place where we can store our hardware tools, sports equipment, and any other things? Things we don’t need to display in our living room, bedroom, or anywhere else within our home except the garage. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

Well, you may be thinking of the hassle you will be facing in keeping every stuff organized. Luckily, there are many ways for you to do a total makeover of your garage. Ways without having the need to worry about clutter. Here are some of the clever garage ideas and how I do it.

Storage Boxes

Clever garage storage ideas.

The first we have on the clever garage ideas list we have is the use of storage boxes. This is one of the best and clever ways to keep your things organize within your garage. These boxes are what you can use to store all of your miscellaneous items. You can use whatever boxes you have. But it would nice if you could use those plastic and see-through types. Those kinds of boxes will make your life easier when looking for a specific material. Labeling those boxes according to what type of materials it holds also helps. It gives you that sense of organization, therefore, enabling you to figure out where to look if you need a particular item.

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Go for Shelves

While many prefer for cabinetry, it is always recommended to always go for shelves. It does not matter whether it is made out of metal or wood. Shelves allow you to easily find all the things you need. If you look at the picture, proper shelving was done. Wooden shelves accompanied by storage boxes were put into action to employ storage organization.

Pegboards and Hooks

A clever garage organization idea featuring a pegboard with a variety of tools hanging on it.
7 clever garage ideas to turn it into a multi-functional room

Almost every garage is accustomed to the use of pegboards and hooks. This is one of the best ways to declutter your garage. With the help of pegboards, you can create that wall storage within your garage. If you think your garage is not big enough, then this is a smart way to maximize the space. Why store your frequently used tools when you have a fully functional pegboard to hang it with?

Overhead Storage

Look who just made in the clever garage ideas list. It’s the overhead storage! If you are looking for a way to maximize all those empty spaces in the ceiling, go for overhead storages. This kind of storage is perfect in storing flat items like ladders. It is also a good place to store seasonal items like Christmas and Halloween decors as we only need to take those out of their storage once a year. You know, it can be a hassle going up in there just to take out something.

7 clever garage ideas to turn it into a multi-functional room

Tire Storage

This is a necessity for every car owner who also has a garage. It is having car tires storage provides us a place to put our spare tires, winter tires and all that. You can store those tires in several ways while not compromising the space. It can be stored with overhead, it can be hanged or maybe having a small DIY tire rack on the corner of our garage.

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Bike Storage

A woman is using clever garage ideas to put her bicycles on a rack in a garage.
7 clever garage ideas to turn it into a multi-functional room

Storing a bike in a garage sure takes a lot of floor space. The practical way of storing your bike and any other sports gear is to hang them. This way, they can be protected and will leave more space for you to move freely and for your car to park. In case you are wondering, the equipment used to hang those bikes in the picture was called Swing-Up Bike Racks. You can get one from any hardware stores or could be from any sports shop.

DIY Vertical Garage Storage

For our larger tools like rakes, shovels, and any other gardening tools, it is better to hang them vertically. This is not only just to maximize your space but also to keep the best condition of your tools. Maybe you could try a DIY PVC shelving approach like the one shown in the picture? Some prefer to go with PVC shelving because it ensures that those tools will be in place compared to hanging them. Hanging larger tools is not recommended because it may fall out into place anytime. Therefore it may cause damage to anything nearby or worse, it could cause damage to your car.

Going through the list of clever garage ideas helps. Remember, your garage is not required to have any fancy interior design and decors. A garage may or may not have aesthetics, but it will be multi-purpose at the end of the day.

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