Redesigning in winter

A winter-themed living room with a white couch.

Redesigning in winter season is a great idea as you can brighten your home and make it into a cosy paradise when everything outdoors is frozen and bare.  Winter is the ideal time to redecorate your house and there is no better time to sparkle your house as winters bring in the holiday season (mostly, the end of December). Outlined in this article are a few ways to have a new look of your home in every few months without spending so much.

Most people usually go for red and green colours to complement the holiday season. However, you can opt for any other colour for your room and find the right holiday decoration. If you plan to place a Christmas tree make sure that you find an appropriate spot for it. Make sure that there is enough place to put the presents and for people to see all sides of it. Decorate your Christmas tree with different accessories and ornaments in different colours.

Orange, red and yellow are considered to be warm colours and can brighten up any home during dreary winter days.A cozy red chair by a fireplace. You can also add the cushions in these colours or get curtains of these colours to brighten the room. Furniture can also be rearranged to create intimate and cosy areas for a conversation in front of a fireplace. You can always make the area cosier by throwing in bright, fluffy cushions and throw pillows.

Rugs create a different spectrum of a room. If you don’t plan to change the wall colour or curtains, you can always use rugs to make a room look more spectacular. Rugs areused in homes in winter to keep cold at bay. One gets a sensational feeling when one sinks his feet in the fluffy and warm rug. Place rugs in bright colours in front of sofas, beds, couches and arm chairs.

Change your Outdoor Space by building Pergola

One always feels at peace when one sees plants in a house. Brightly coloured flowers with mild fragrances will make your house look colourful and your house will smell sweet all the time. Pine cones and dried branches and other such elements will create an interesting display on the fireplace mantel and side tables. One can also use pebbles and stones to increase the charm of the living space.A winter-themed dining room with a white table and chairs.

Lighting a fire as well as some candles in strategic locations around your home can give your home a warm glow and keep it fragrant. You can also buy low watts lamps and keep them in dark to brighten up in the cold evenings.

These are some of the ways to make you are house look warm and welcoming during the cold winter days. Keep your interior design simple and elegant so that you can relax easily!




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