8 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs 

A damaged roof with a broken piece of shingles.

Aside from being one of the biggest elements of your property, your roof is vital because it provides protection to your family, increases your home’s value, and improves your energy efficiency. The condition of your roof can also make or break the health of everyone living under it. A poorly maintained roof will make it easy for bacteria to enter and infect the household.  

The roof plays an important role in your property and family life, which is why you should always take care of it and ensure that it’s in good shape. Continuing to use a roof that’s in bad shape can only result in stress, injuries, and expenses. The longer you continue to use a damaged roof, the more severe the consequences can be. 

Make sure that these don’t happen by hiring roof repair services the moment you see any of these signs: 

1. Leaks When It Rains

Your roof should protect you, your family, and valuables from the dangers outside. So, if it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, especially when it starts to rain, make sure to have it repaired as soon as possible. 

A leaking roof can mean that there is moisture in your roof, and it won’t be long before your entire roof will be damaged. Moisture can easily spread across your roofing material and even cause slip and fall accidents inside your home.  

2. Damaged Or Missing Shingles

The quality and quantity of your shingles make up the strength of your roof. Damaged and missing shingles can weaken your roof, making it susceptible to permanent damages, especially when frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions.  

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Spend some time to inspect your roof. If you see any damaged or missing shingles, call pros for help right away. This problem is caused by poor or improper installation, and can easily be resolved by pros fast.  

3. Sagging Roofline

You can assess the condition of your roof simply by looking at it from a distance. If your roof is starting to sag, regardless of how minimal you think the problem is, it’s best if you call for professional roof repair services immediately. Sagging rooflines are caused by broken rafters or trusses and should only be resolved with the right equipment.  

Leaving your sagging roofline unrepaired can become the reason why it will collapse and cause injuries to your family.    

A fallen tree has damaged a house roof.

4. Water Stains In The Ceiling

Seeing water stains in the ceiling is one of the most obvious signs that your roof definitely needs professional repairs. Aside from damaging your interior designs, water stains in the ceiling can indicate that your roof has leaks and moisture problems. This should be resolved by a professional as soon as possible as leaks and moisture can eventually damage other areas of your home and weaken the structural integrity of your property.  

5. Presence Of Outside Light In Your Attic

Having an attic installed in your home is a cost-effective investment because it saves you money, increases your home’s comfort level, and protects your home’s structure. However, you won’t be able to experience all of these things if you often see the presence of outdoor light whenever you’re in your attic.  

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Contrary to popular belief, seeing outside lights inside of your attic is not harmless; this is actually an indication that there is a hole in your ceiling or your shingles are becoming weak. Regardless of the cause, it’s best if you have pros inspect the cause of the problem so repairs can be done the soonest possible time.  

6. Higher Energy Bills

Being a homeowner requires long-term commitment because you’ll have to exert time and effort for years to ensure that your home stays in tiptop condition. As a homeowner, you need to tick off several tasks from a home maintenance checklist to maximize your investment – like paying for your energy bills on time, for example.  

If you see yourself breaking the bank just because your energy bills suddenly skyrocketed, be wary. This problem is often caused by a hole in your roof as cool or warm air can easily escape from your home’s interiors. The holes in your roof will require your home’s HVAC system to work more, causing higher energy bills.  

Make sure that your roof doesn’t cause you financial stress down the road by having this problem fixed as soon as possible.    

7. Roof Is Old

Just like any other item you have right now, your roof functions well for a limited time only. Your roof’s exposure to harsh weather conditions can eventually weaken its structure and strength.  

Ideally, roofs have a lifespan of 25 years. If yours is about this old, consider calling professionals to have your roof replaced. Regardless of how functional and appealing your roof is, if it’s more than 25 years old, it’s always best if you invest in a brand new one. Don’t wait for your home to be damaged or your family to be injured before you make the decision of replacing your roof. 

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8. Roof Is Covered With Algae And Moss

Having greeneries in your property can make your home stand out from the neighborhood. This is especially true if you’ve planted different types of trees and shrubs in your lawn or backyard. However, when these greeneries start to grow on your roof, that’s another story.  

Seeing algae and moss growing in your roof should prompt you to call professional repair services as this problem can mean that moisture is present in your roof. Over time, moisture can weaken the foundation of your roof because the roots of algae and moss can seep into your home. Algae and moss can also encourage wild animals, such as raccoons and snakes, to live and breed in your roof or attic and eat up your home’s structure and other valuables.                        

Knowledge Is Power

Roof repair services are common today, so make sure that you only hire a contractor that suits your needs and budget. If this is your first time to hire these pros, scout for at least three options and research about their track record. You’ll have better chances of hiring the best roof repair services if you have adequate knowledge about them. 

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