Ideas for French Country Interior Design

A French country living room with a chandelier.

French country interior design is rustic, feminine and chic. French country interior design ideas can easily be incorporated in a modern home. It is very easy to picture a French country style interior in the famous chateaus of France but they can also be adopted to modern houses when one is looking for a clean and uncluttered effect. In this article we share a few French country interior design ideas that vary from some traditional basics to unexpected twists.

Frills and Curves

A French country dining room with a large table and chairs.
A modern touch to French country.

If you think that you are drawn to ruffles then you are well-acquainted with one of the most renowned features of French country interior design idea. You may notice that frills are not as obvious as you might think. Frills and curves can include arched windows and doorways, chairs that have rounded backs and chandelier which is filed with curves.

Patterns which are used for walls as well as upholstery also have the segment of frills and curves. French country furnishing is often rounded rather than linear. You will find many curved frames, scalloped edges and gathered fabric.

Don’t forget an essential part of the experience: French country curtains. Curtains can be standard toile or linen draped, as long as they are heavy, neutral colored, and don’t skimp on the length. Check that they are cat proof curtains, as there’s likely a friendly animal roaming around a cozy French country styled home.

Lighting which is elegant

A French country living room with a chandelier.
Chandeliers give a room a breathtaking look.

To add a dash of French country interior design, add elegant lighting. Chandeliers are often considered the statement piece of lighting as they are considered to be the shining counterparts to earthier touches which include distressed furniture and wooden beams. A large chandelier can be a focal point of one room. Chandeliers with busts on pillars and quirky vases create elegance and sophistication in a lounge. Chandeliers do not need to add an upscale element in the room but they can be used with informal elements such as mismatched chairs and distressed doors.

Necessities for a Bedroom

Distressed Furniture

A dining room with a wooden table and chairs showcasing french country interior design.
Worn out and weathered furniture.

If you are looking for a signature French country interior design, then you should definitely go for distressed pieces of furniture which have worn-out and weathered look. It can be an antique piece of furniture or you can use sandpaper to your painted desk to give it an effect. Weathered furniture creates a look of comfort.

Little details can help you in making a French country interior design perfect. You can use whimsical elements such as seashells and flowers. Happy decorating!

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