New Dimensions for Your Walls

A wall of vibrant glass flowers adds New Dimensions to your walls.

Do you want to add instant interest to your walls?  Bring your walls to life with dimensional art that is sure to become the focal point of any room.  Faux taxidermy, porcelain flowers, floating koi, sculpture and even live plants are an appealing alternative to the everyday wall hanging.

A living room with a green wall decorated with flowers, offering new dimensions for your walls.

Faux taxidermy has become a hot trend in home décor.  Wild game sculptures and antlers peer out from the walls of homes in every style, blending with every design aesthetic.  In the modern home, a white sculpture of a wild animal brings character.  In the more traditional home, a collection of faux antlers makes a statement in the dining room or den.

A living room with animal heads on the wall offers new dimensions for your walls.
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Revised Description: Stylish zebra rug on the floor.

Porcelain flowers with intricate details are lovely additions to the cottage home or to the romantic bedroom.  In a traditional setting, a grouping of these porcelain posies makes for a stand-out wall treatment.  Pair a few porcelain flowers to enhance framed floral artwork.

A vibrant red flower brings new dimensions to your white-walled space.
Kastania Porcelain Wall Flower,
A group of white ceramic flowers on a yellow background, adding new dimensions to your walls.

Dimensional art of a more abstract nature fits well within a contemporary home.  Play with the unexpected and mount a piece above the sofa in the living room.  Geometric shapes add interest and unexpected character to a room.  Books supply an abundant array of possibilities for dimensional art.

A dining room with a black table and chairs featuring new dimensions for your walls.
A living room with couches and a fireplace in new dimensions.
A folded book creating a clock with new dimensions for your walls.

Ceramic bowls and spheres can be arranged across a wall to form a very artistic display.   A collection of ceramic koi swimming joyfully across a wall gives a whimsical touch to any décor.  Make your own dimensional art with objects around the house.

A group of colorful bowls adding new dimensions to your walls.
A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table, now with new dimensions for your walls.
New Dimensions for Your Walls: A group of koi fish on a vibrant blue wall.

Truly make your walls come alive with live plants.  Create a display with ferns, ivy and moss.  Ready-made kits are available or make your own.  Small glass terrariums added to wooden sculptures or even attached directly to the wall make an excellent natural display.

Enhance Your Space with Mirrors
A wall mounted planter with new dimensions for your walls.
Grass Mirror by H2O Architects via
New Dimensions for Your Walls with Air Plants
Wall Bubble Aerium by Flora Grubb Gardens
A green wall in an office introducing new dimensions.

When it comes to decorating your walls, step it up with dimensional art work.  Whether you choose to display your wild side with faux taxidermy, your frilly side with porcelain flowers, or you want your walls to really come alive with plants, choose an unexpected dimension.



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