Eight suggestions for the ideal sleep space draperies in terms of bedroom curtains

(Image credit: Emily J)The ideal bedroom curtain designs will make your sleeping area look and feel beautiful when It’s time to conclude the day and promote restful sleep.

Making your bedroom designs come together with careful consideration of your draperies. They have an enormous surface area that extends from floor to ceiling and can significantly impact your design strategy.

Aesthetics are crucial for your bedroom curtains, but so is their capacity to block out sunlight while trying to get some beauty rest, whether you want your curtain ideas to blend in with a simple design or make a statement with a splash of color or pattern.


Ideas for bedroom curtains

We consulted the professionals for suggestions on choosing bedroom curtain designs that look nice and make you feel relaxed. 


1. Choose a curtain heading that matches your style.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)


“Curtain track systems should be considered by those seeking a modern and slick finish.” Alternatively, choose tie-top curtains for a more casual appearance. They feel airy and light, giving your window a rustic touch. They are gaining popularity.

The black curtain pole in this white bedroom adds a contemporary neutral touch and coordinates with the picture frames and sideboard that is out of frame. “When using eyelet curtains, be sure to match the eyelet color with the curtain pole you’ve chosen,” advises Choate and Ugarte



(Image credit: Murphy Design)


Pull the curtains back in your primary bedroom to give a touch of luxury.

‘To give the room height and drama, hang the curtains above the window. The Interior Fox couple asserts that doing this will lengthen the window and maximize the utilization of natural light. “Be sure to take the full length when measuring the window, so the curtain drops to the floor without gaps.”

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The use of George Spencer Designs cloth draped significantly over the window frame, combined with a white ceiling that contrasts with the dark blue walls.



(Image credit: Studio Duggan)


Curtains are a terrific way to expand a room from top to bottom and provide visual intrigue. Choose a small-format pattern with colors drawn from accents elsewhere if you want to add interest to a straightforward bedroom design.

The grey background of this blue bedroom by Studio Duggan(opens in a new tab) is brought to life by a blue and red curtain pattern with Moroccan influences. Use the same design on cushions, as shown below, or other patterns with a similar scale to tie a curtain pattern into the space.


(Image credit: Loom & Last)


Curtains are primarily used to hide from the outside world, including any unwanted natural light. If the curtains are for the bedroom, choose one with an integrated interlining and blackout lining. It will block early morning sunlight, keep your room warm in the winter, and make you relaxed throughout the summer. Living quarters in the front of the home benefit from blackout lining as it keeps them private and limits visibility.

Blackout drapes don’t have to appear bulky. Although the exterior of these Loom & Last curtains appears to be made of lightweight cotton, they are actually blackout lined.



(Image credit: Emily J)


One of the hottest bedroom trends right now is using. We all favor healthy environmental trends, like using natural materials.

Cole claims that the most environmentally friendly curtain material is linen. The advantage of adopting this natural material is that it has a minor environmental impact than many synthetic materials do. Linen is thought to be the most environmentally friendly fabric because it is made from pesticide- and water-efficient flax plants.

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(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)


Modern curtain designs add a powerful burst of color to a space. You may change the look of a space by adding only one component. The painting is neutralized. For a cohesive design, combine it with accents of the same color.

Pink accents in various shades are used throughout the guest bedroom to add warmth, contrasted with deep lush greens. Soft furnishings are a great alternative when designing a color scheme for a space, such as a child’s room, where you might want to wait to paint entirely.



(Image credit: K&H Design)


Other ways to improve your curtains’ capacity to block light besides using blackout linings.

According to Choate and Ugarit, “we like to couple drapes with a blind.” It creates a classy, timeless, and stylish visual focal point, blocking out light and enhancing seclusion.

In this gray bedroom, a unique window arrangement is made into the focal point by adding a second sheer curtain and a blind that draws its color from the bedding.

It’s crucial to ensure the blind and curtain fabrics go well together. A bright place to start is by selecting a color from the curtain’s fabric or pattern.


8. Including a plush lining

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)


A curtain always has two sides so that you can enjoy yourself twice as much. It is a terrific option for curtain closet ideas.

Traditional formal curtains must have a lining to feel finished and solid, even though rustic linen alternatives are not necessarily necessary.

Add a lining that offers a delicate hint of texture or a deep color to express thoughtful opulence to strengthen your luxury bedroom ideas. This bedroom has a set of taupe drapes with rich orange-red velvet inside and trims for a pleasant surprise.

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