Mural Wallpaper Designs for 2015

A woman sits at her desk in front of a purple flower mural wallpaper.

Wallpaper is used worldwide to decorate interior walls (and sometimes furniture) in homes, shops, offices, and public spaces. The style, price, and appearance of different wallpapers will vary dramatically, and as a consequence different styles will be popular at different times.

Most shops will differentiate their wallpapers on ‘stripes’, ‘plain’, floral’, ‘polka’, ‘damask’, and ‘conversational’. Most distinctions will also be based on the base colour.

However, most modern wallpapers are not the classical ‘repeat design’. On the contrary, they are statement mural pieces. As a consequence, the hot trends for this coming 2015 season’s wallpaper design is around the following:

More and more modern homes are turning to realistic floral photo murals to inspire their living rooms, office spaces, and even bedrooms!

A living room with orange mural wallpaper.
Realistic flower murals

Bedrooms will really gather renewed freshness through a floral mural inspired wallpaper


Lily of the valley mural wallpaper.
Crisp Spring Bedroom

These wallpapers are best installed by professionals, but a DIY enthusiast will excel at the job just fine. Make sure to keep tones coordinated, and for the wallpaper not to clash with your interior design.

These florals are an excellent idea in the children’s room, or in the nursery too!

A mural of a pink flower on a green wall.
Gerbera wallpaper mural

Coupling clashing complementary colours is always a win (as seen above) with this other photo mural wallpaper.

A room with a vibrant mural of paper flowers on the wall.
Hand made floral wallpaper

Or you could have a go yourself with this adorable spray of handmade paper flowers, berries and leaves! Ideal for school projects, or to revive a tired spot of your home!

A girl's room with a mural of a tree painted on the wall.
Nursery hand painted wallpaper

If you have the skills and the time (or you know someone who does) this is a very contemporary trend- to paint either a scenery or pleasant natural background in younger children’s rooms. This is a unique and unforgettable touch. An added bonus with this is that you will be able to choose personally all the colours and hues to be included into the project. Therefore there will be no risk of clashing!

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A baby's room with a mural of flowers and birds featuring mural wallpaper.
Delightful backdrop for a floral mural wallpaper

This design is much sought after in country homes worldwide, especially in exterior facing porch walls. These designs can either be purchased pre-designed, or you can get in contact with your local interior designer, who will have contacts with local commission artists and painters. The predesigned ones will come in rolls (much like regular wallpaper) and will be put up easily with wallpaper paste.

A woman sits at her desk in front of a purple flower mural wallpaper.
Rhododendron mural wallpaper

For a more vintage and shabby chic twist, this mural wallpaper is a real gem. Couple this with grey lilacs and muted duck egg blues for optimal freshness.

A living room with a large mural on the wall.
Vintage rose mural wallpaper

This Laura Ashley inspired mural wallpaper is also a graceful addition to any contemporary-chic home. With creams and ivories, this piece is certain to make a difference in any house,

The beauty of mural wallpapers is that they can be changed as easily as any other wallpaper, and updated as often as one wants. These wallpapers are the backbone of any redecoration project, and 2015 will be sure to include its fair share of contemporary murals. The other added bonus of mural wallpapers is that you do not have to repeat the same pattern over and over around the room. Instead, you can get one piece of statement mural, and just paint the rest of the room in a matching colour.

If you are planning to redecorate this year, be sure to include one of these!

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