10 Gorgeous Living Room Designs for the Modern Woman

A modern woman's black and white cowhide rug.

What qualities define the modern woman? The answer lies in a quote by William Moulton Marston. “…a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman”. Marston was a psychologist and comic book writer. He was the creator of Wonder Woman.

Therefore, the modern woman is strong, independent yet feminine. What she needs is a home to match her personality. In this article, we will concentrate on creating the perfect living room to fit a modern woman. We’ll walk you through 10 stylish, bold, fabulous living rooms. Let them serve as inspiration.

A modern painting of a woman wearing sunglasses.
Living room for the modern woman with a vivid color palette (artfascination.com)

Artwork makes a statement in the living room. Adventurous colors, on a super-sized print, will create a powerful focal point.

A modern living room with a colorful painting on the wall.
La maison de Nynne Rosenvinge (bloglovin.com)
A modern living room with blue and white colors.
A living room with a beautiful blue color palette (curbly.com)

You are not limited to a color palette dominated by soft pastel colors. In this classy, all blue living room, the details make the difference. The soft transition between different shades of blue gives the room flow. The floral details are the ones that infuse the living room with a feminine vibe.

A modern living room with a black couch and a pink coffee table, perfect for the modern woman.
A living room fit for the modern woman flooded by natural light (modeetmaison.blogspot.fr)

In living room fit for a modern woman, the best features always steal the spotlight. Black is the dominant color, yet the soft pink becomes the focus point. Use contrast to create interest.

A modern living room with a pink couch and a pink rug for a stylish woman.
Femininity comes in pastels- Beautiful living room for the modern woman (hegeinfrance.com)
A modern living room with black and white furniture and a rug.
Warm neutral living room for the modern woman (blog.jelanieshop.com)

Sometimes less is more. Style and elegance come from simplicity. Opt for a minimalist décor and allow your living room to breath.

A modern woman chair in a pink room.
Daring living room design by Karim Rashid (interiordesignideas.com)
A modern woman's living room with a couch, a coffee table, and a few framed posters.
Stylish accents of color liven up the living room – Designed by Charlotte Love (ispydiy.com)

Don’t be afraid of color. You can create an eye-catching decor with just a few accents.

A modern living room with large windows and a wooden floor.
Living room for the modern woman with a serene atmosphere and a stunning view (sfgirlbybay.com)

Create an atmosphere that defines you. “And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman”. Let us know which style suits you best.

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