8 Elegant Scandinavian Dining Room Designs

The Scandinavian dining room is some real stuff to consider when you’re thinking about adding simplicity to your room. Weather your dining is a separate room, or it is combined with your kitchen, pulling off an elegant Scandinavian dining room design is not difficult. But of course, you have to follow the rules.

We have eight design ideas for you in this article, complete with the guide on choosing Scandinavian decors that suit you the best.

A bedroom with wooden furniture.

A small Scandinavian apartment with a dining table and chairs.

The Essence of the Scandinavian Theme

Here’s what the Scandinavian theme is all about:

Simplicity: The Scandinavian design is all about simplicity. The types of dining furniture chosen, floor covering, patterns, as well as drapes and hangings, must be simple.

Connection to Nature: The entire interior must speak nature. Plants, wood, flowers and colors depicting nature are used to achieve this.

Minimalist: The dining room design should have relatively small-sized fixtures, you’d have to go as minimal as possible.

Natural materials: Your dining room in the Scandinavian style will require a touch of nature everywhere, so wood and leather are your best friends right now.

Functional: The designs in a Scandinavian dining room should serve other useful purposes than décor. A delightful example is a dining table that has a built-in shelf.

Scandinavian Dining Room Decor Guide

To design a super-duper Scandinavian dining room, the following ideas will help make the project fun and successful.

Use Warm Textiles

You have to go after achieving a cozy feel in your dining room with the Scandinavian style. Make all the diners feel welcome. Wool, sheepskin and other warm textiles are essential here.

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Maintain Neutral Colors

The colors of white, black, gray and brown are the most preferred. They help create an aura of softness in your dining room. Adding touches of green to the combination makes it all even better. Green patterns pronounce the natural atmosphere and help you feel like you’re breathing in the great fresh air. What better way to enjoy your food?

Choose Functional Furniture

Remember that Scandinavian is also about functionality, so make sure that you choose the most functional designs possible to help give you enough storage space, surface, and so on.

Plants and Fresh Flowers are a Must

You have to add plants in your design, and freshly cut flowers are a must. You’d be producing some connection to nature and acing the Scandinavian design like a pro.

Have Good Lighting

A Scandinavian dining room with a grey table.

For your window blinds and curtains, go for light curtains that allow plenty of light to come in. Good lighting in the evenings is also essential. For that, choose pendant lamps or even candle lights.

Choose Simple Decorative Design

The dining room must be uncluttered, so choose simple designs. Make sure the chosen fabrics have simple patterns. Small tables with ceramic flower vases are great choices.

Wrap Up

There are many ways to shake things up and make your Scandinavian dining room a delightful place to eat every meal. Find pictures below to see all the ideas and choose what works best for you and your family. Do have fun making your dining room beautiful in a classic, new way.

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