6 Attic Restoration Ideas You Can Do In Your Next Home Renovation

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The purpose of attic restoration is to replace the damage brought by the infestation of wildlife intruders. You can click here to identify the animal that caused destruction to the attic of your home.  

Nevertheless, these animals brought biological hazards to the attic area. In order to solve the pest problem, ask for the assistance of professional experts. For instance, the website of getridofpests.com offers safe and effective ways of pest control and removal

Before you start to restore the attic make sure the area is cleaned and disinfected. That’s because the unsanitized attic can become a dangerous breeding place for varied wildlife diseases that may affect the health of every member of the household.

One advantage of attic renovation is that you’ll increase the usable square footage and improve the home’s functionality. If you’re planning a bedroom conversion, consider the support structures and the things can’t be moved. You can hire a professional when dealing with decisions about columns and walls.

This post will provide some ideas to restore the attic during a home renovation. Read on the tips below.


1. Attic Bedroom Conversion


You can convert an attic to a loft design bedroom to make use of the space. Consider adding insulation systems to set the room in comfortable conditions. The perfect insulation can help you save on electricity bills. Here are the project ideas to look for:


  • Overhead Lighting: You can set up cozy and warm lighting for loft bedrooms.


  • New Flooring: Installing new flooring can totally renew an attic bedroom space. It’s best to use hardwood if you like something classic and easy to clean. While carpet is the best choice for a more luxurious, underfoot feel. In order to avoid noise in the upstairs room, try to install sound-dampening materials to flooring.
  • Insulation: Upgrading the existing insulation in the attic can keep the room cool during warmer months and prevents the diffusion of heat in the winter.
  • Multi-function furniture: Consider adding built-in storage fixtures to optimize the use of unique angles of an attic. Make sure that the added furniture complements the existing structures in the attic space. For instance, you can add a window seat to conceal the ductwork of the HVAC system.
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2. Attic Office Conversion


An empty space can be converted to an attic office. It can provide you with a room away from the hubs of the house. You can settle to a quiet office where you can concentrate and be productive if the room is properly installed with sound-dampening materials. This space is very practical for individuals working from home. Here are the following project ideas to consider:


  • Painting: To enhance productive working conditions in the room, set the space into a lighter color and keep it clean and simple.


  • Lighting: You can install adjustable overhead lighting to brighten up space. If possible, locate work workstation near the window for natural lighting.
  • Wiring: Consider the wiring in an organized manner since you’ll be needing office supplies like desktop, computer, or printer.




3. Attic Library Conversion


An attic library is the storage solution for valuable books. You can develop a reading corner when you need alone time and plunge into the world of fiction. If possible, set your reading nook near the windows for natural illumination. Here are the ideas to consider when converting attic library:


  • Wall: The walls of the attic can be installed with bookshelves. You can try to organize the books by color or by author depending on your needs.


  • Flooring: Add carpeting for a cozy feeling. However, if you end up with hardwood floors, try to include plush area rugs to ease the space.




4. Attic Apartment Conversion


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The budget you set for attic restoration will be considered as an investment if you transform the space into an attic apartment. You can use the room for renting to vacationers. To convert attic spaces to love, consider the following project ideas:


  • Kitchenette: Ensure the essentials that include a sink, small oven, multi-functional counter space, and shelves for pantry items.


  • Bathroom: You can install full bathroom features so that the attic has its own living space.
  • Flooring: You can opt for carpeting but make sure to consider the color and style that appeals to potential tenants. If you end up with hardwood, consider adding faux fur rugs to soften the surface.
  • Insulation: Ensure that insulation works to maintain a comfortable temperature.




5. Attic Playroom Conversion


The attic can be a perfect place to design a colorful, kid-friendly wonderland. You might want to consider the accessibility of your kids to the attic. Creatively, you can include a spiral staircase that somehow provides classic and visual appeals but always consider the safety of your children. Adding railing towards the entrance is another consideration. Here are the features of attic playroom ideas:


  • Bright, light paint: It’s best to use lighter colors to create an open space.


  • Lighting: Areas far from the windows can de darker, it’s better to add soft electrical lighting around the area. You can place an additional window if there’s enough budget.
  • Flooring: Warm up the attic with carpets or colorful rugs to your floorboards.
  • Decorate: Consider a theme that promotes your kid’s creativity and having fun. You can enhance the wall with quotes from their favorite books. Another feature is the choice for oversized chairs or bean bags to set up space a feel cozier.
  • Storage: If possible, consider adding shelves along the sides of the room for organizing the toys after all.
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6. Attic Game Room Conversion


Your attic can be the best solution for family game nights. It’s a great place for meeting with friends if it has a pace for a bar. Here are the interesting ideas to incorporate in your project:


  • Flooring: It’s recommended to add soft floor surfaces for a cozy feeling and to enjoy the game.


  • Storage: It’s important to add shelves for proper display of board games and keep them in an organized manner.
  • Bar: It’s exciting for your friends’ night-out to have a bar. You can add a mini-fridge to contain the boozy beverages. Have fun playing while mixing up cocktails.
  • Furniture: It’s best if you can add a large table for sitting with family and friends. Or, you can get a table that can be folded to space up to other games.



The above tips can be enhanced depending on your needs. It’s overwhelming to know that those attic ideas can take your space way beyond storage. The joy of having a comfortable and usable space surely adds up to the aesthetic value of your home.


Attic damage caused by wildlife animals can be stressful but if restoration is done, you’ll feel relieved. It’s important to clean and sanitize the area before you occupy to secure the family’s safety. There are many ways to transform a dull, boring space into a lively, functional, and recreational space.

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