Ideas For Giving Your Driveway and Front Walk More Curb Appeal

A home with a driveway in front of it.

Improving your driveway’s look is one of the best ways to create a fresh atmosphere in your household, giving the entire house a brand-new look. After all, your driveway is the first thing you and your family see after a long day at work, so why not make it appealing and innovative?

There are many interesting and unique low-budget ways to revive this part of your property and make it a hundred times more interesting and pleasant looking than before. We made a selection of several innovative ideas that can inspire and motivate you to give more curb appeal to your driveway and front walk. 

Add some gravel for extra finesse 

A little bit of gravel on the sides will work wonders and transform your driveway’s look instantly. Gravel is a commonly used material that can be placed outdoors for many different reasons – paving a brand new pathway, placing it on the side as a decorative material, filling the empty spots on the sidewalk, etc. It can give a specific, complementary touch to the entire space, especially when it is used in different colors. 

Gravel is perfect for all sorts of driveways, regardless of the house size. It can also be used as decoration in your backyard because it goes pretty well with a lot of different types of plants. Another great thing about it is that it is inexpensive and very easy to find. If you decide to use just a little bit of gravel to rejuvenate your driveway’s appearance, you can do the entire transformation all by yourself.

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Customize your asphalt driveway 

Even though when you hear the word “asphalt” you might not get instantly inspired, you have to take into consideration that it is still the most commonly used driveway and front walk material. 

Therefore, there are many different ways to customize an asphalt driveway and change its plain appearance effectively. In addition, this material is quite popular because of its capability to absorb heat in the summer, and on top of it all, it is quite easy to fix it because of its low price. 

To make your asphalt driveway more aesthetically appealing, we suggest creating a border out of cobblestones on the sides, as a bridge between the driveway and your garden. It is a simple, finishing touch that will completely transform the entire area. 

If you’re not entirely sold on the idea of having an asphalt driveway, maybe you should try using tarmac instead. The cost to tarmac a driveway may well be worth it if you want a more polished look to match the aesthetics of your home.

A house in the woods with a driveway.

It’s all about minimalism 

The minimalist approach to exterior design is becoming popular once again, especially in the past few years. By following the rules of minimalism, you can create an aesthetically pleasing driveway with a certain 70’s vibe to it. 

The green area might be smaller when you want to try the minimal approach, but it still an inevitable element that adds to the entire atmosphere. If you want to try out this specific look, you will need a few patches of freshly cut grass, penetrable pavers, basalt stone, and asphalt or concrete. 

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What really defines this look as minimal is using the exact amount of grass – not overdoing it, but not diminishing the amount, either. If you want to get inspired and try out this style, take a look at architect Christopher Mercier’s minimalist approach to creating the perfect driveway.

Add some terracotta for a countryside effect 

Adding some terracotta and plain bricks to your driveway and front walk can transform the atmosphere of the space quite efficiently, giving it a certain rustic, countryside touch. This distinctive driveway style is quite popular in some parts of Europe, so it kind of gives a Seville vibe to the entire place. 

If you want to fully transform the exterior of your house and add a couple of unique details, we suggest adding just a little bit of concrete or some cobblestone in between the space that is overlaying with the bricks. 

This finishing touch will make the entire space look more complete and add just the needed amount of warmth throughout the entire front yard. In addition, you can plant a few small trees such as red buckeye or crape myrtle if you want to give your house some privacy and create a mini garden for your family.

Create a colorful driveway garden

Another thought-provoking way to make a unique transformation of your driveway and front walk is by creating a colorful garden by planting different types of plants on the patio. This transformation is perhaps one of the most stimulating options, especially for those who enjoy long walks in nature and its vivid colors. 

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By bringing some nature in your driveway area, you will fully revitalize and transform the entire area. What is the best way to create a brand-new driveway if not with the help of a few different plants that will give it more diversity, color, and a nice flowery scent? 

The most commonly used plants that can easily transform your driveway into a mini garden are sedum, creeping thyme, boxwood, shrub roses, or dwarf daffodils. Another thing that makes this transformation quite special and invigorating is that you can go with any type of garden design that you like by choosing plants and specific colors that you prefer the most.

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