Organizing a Home Office (Hint: You Should Be Keeping a Work Notebook)

A woman working remotely in her home office.

Work notebooks help keep your life organized when you’re trying to get work done at home. We’re here with all the tips you need to create an ideal work space.

Most Americans aren’t working in an office space that’s both efficient and engaging. 

This could be why only a small fraction of workers actually prefer working in an open office setting. But if you’ve succeeded in working remotely, it doesn’t take long to experience the unforeseen challenges of working solo with your work notebook from a home office. 

The key to success is in the organization they say, and this couldn’t be more true for working from home. 

Here’s how to get your home office organized. 

Create a Dedicated Space

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a six-bedroom home, you need a dedicated space for working from home. There are countless studies on the impact that the environment has on productivity.

Additionally, having a dedicated space also plays a role in a person’s ability to build routines and habits. So choose a space that’s accessible and that you’ll want to spend time in. 

Clean and Create Systems

The perfect workspace for you might currently be in a corner of a room that’s become an unofficial dumping spot for files and old paperwork. So some cleaning, reorganizing, and creative thinking might be necessary to transform the space available to you into one that will inspire you. 

While great design needs to be beautiful enough to inspire, it also needs to be functional to serve its purpose. So before getting starry-eyed ideas of grandiose through a Pinterest pin-a-thon, consider how you’ll actually be using the space, and what will really work for you. 

Top Considerations When Decorating Your Work Office

A home office with a desk and a plant.

Go Digital With a Work Notebook

One of the best ways to declutter a space is to move all of your paperwork to the cloud. Scanning and saving legal and financial information digitally will greatly decrease the need for extra space. It will free your mind to focus on the tasks at hand.

There are tools that make it easy to transfer even less straight-forward work systems to the digital world. You can start transferring to-do lists in minutes by clicking “get started” on Todoist. Or you can click “make online journal” on Adobe Spark to move handwritten notes into a digital notebook. 

Get Inspired

Without co-workers around to keep you in check, you’ll need to actively seek out ways to stay motivated and driven at home. Put some of your past success like a diploma or article you were in on display in your office. This can help keep you positive during times when work seems to have you spinning in a wheel. 

Treat your lifestyle as a business. Keep annual goals, quarterly milestones, and organize projects and tasks monthly and weekly. Hang up your goals to track and to help you stay accountable. 

Organizing a Home Office for Success

You’ll be amazed by how keeping a work notebook and planner, along with maintaining a tidy and functional space will improve your quality of life and effectiveness at work. 

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