Protective Solutions that Heighten Home Security

A man installing a home security camera on a brick wall.

In the time it takes you to read this piece approximately 6 houses will have been broken into, even in the most peaceful of neighbourhoods. Have a read of the following tips and make it your priority to increase your home security right away.

Secure The Doors

Did you know that 34% of burglaries occur because they has been braisan enough to walk through the front door? It’s, therefore, imperative that you make sure all your external doors are as secure as possible. Having deadbolts installed to both the front and back doors is a great way to guarantee that you’ll never forget to lock the door again. Although locking the doors is a great way to keep thieves at bay they may still tamper with the doors in an attempt to get in. Upgrading to screen security doors will give you the ultimate piece of mind as they are so much stronger than your average front door and can feature tamper-resistant screws and mesh that even the most experienced burglar would have trouble with- you never can be too careful!

Consider the Garage

Your garage is usually home to many expensive items and it’s becoming a more and more common entry point for burglars. Make sure you consider how this may affect how secure your home is. Make it a habit to lock all external and internal doors, if your doors are locked you’re more likely to deter anyone that’s wanting to break in. Covering windows will also help to put them off as they won’t be tempted by your lovely belongings. You should also consider your entry point. Does your garage open with a remote control or with a key code? If you have a remote control storing this in the house instead of the car will make it less accessible to thieves and if you have a key code make sure you don’t share your code with anyone and keep it covered when entering it.

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Outdoor Lighting

A home is lit up at night with outdoor lighting to enhance home security.
Night Lighting

Making sure the outside of your property is well-lit is a great way to deter burglars. Illuminating both the front and back of your house means that they have nowhere to hide. There’s different options to consider when purchasing outdoor security lighting, motion activated lights that come on when they sense movement are a great way of making sure you can see exactly what’s going on. You can also purchase security lights that are on a timer so you get constant light for set periods of time. You may be thinking that this is going to bump up your energy bill but it doesn’t have to. You can choose solar powered alternatives or energy saving bulbs for those keen on energy conservation.

Home Security Systems

Security systems are a great deterrent but they can help catch the burglar should they attempt to break in. There’s now a huge range of different systems that you can choose from that suit all needs and budgets. There’s different levels of monitoring with these systems which offer the ultimate piece of mind. Some systems come with cameras that monitor the outside of your property and are linked to teams of people that work around the clock who respond to any triggered alarms. For people who may be jetting off on holiday or working overseas this type of system offers reassurance 24 hours a day for however long you’re out of the country.


Whether you choose to follow just one of these recommendations or all of them you will be taking a step towards improving the quality of your home security – you can’t put a price on peace of mind!

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