Three Reasons to Buy a House Near a Recreational Lake

A recreational pond in front of a row of houses.

Lakeside living is a lifestyle worth dreaming about. The great views aside, it can lower your stress levels, make you happier, and the constant activity will keep you healthier. As spring approaches with mild weather and warm temperatures around the country, there’s no more beautiful time to appreciate living near a lake.

Great views

When you live near a lake, you can indulge in a long walk down the shoreline after a busy week or a long day of work. The clean air and the sounds of nature will help create a feeling of calm, and the spectacular views will boost your spirits.

You may buy a house by the lake for the great view, but the scenery delivers more than just a pretty background. Neuroscientists and psychologists are actively researching why a short walk from your backyard into the natural area surrounding the lake recharges your batteries.


A large recreational house on a lake at dusk.
lake home

Collectively, researchers refer to the sea, rivers, and lakes as blue space. The different bodies of water can reportedly affect you and boost your mental health. Homes with a high level of blue space visibility have more effect on moods. So if you have the chance to buy property near a body of water, look for the one with the blue space view.

Active community

The scenic splendor of nature provides a sanctuary for raising a family. Active lakeside communities offer tons of opportunities to play outside, walk and run on trails, and paddle across the water. Enjoy swimming and playing with your children while teaching them how to sail, boat, fish, kayak, and wakeboard.

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One of the best things about living near a lake is being able to enjoy all of the outdoor activities. The hardest part is leaving the lake to go back to work and school. There’s nothing kids love more than a big lake just down the road. Living by the water will provide a happy and healthy life for you and your family.

A recreational lake house.

If you enjoy water recreation, you’ll make friends in the community quickly. Head out for an afternoon on a standup paddleboard, or hop in the boat to learn wakeboarding tricks with your neighbors. There is plenty of outdoor living space for you to gather with friends and family for meals, games, and relaxation.

High resale value

Living near a recreational lake has many benefits for homeowners. The lifestyle is appealing to buyers, and that makes the homes more desirable. Resale value when you live on a lake is typically stable, and houses near lakes retain their value longer.

Many families invest in the resort-like ambiance of a lake property like the new homes in Wellington so they can enjoy it for years to come.


Naturally, living near water means that you are just minutes away from water activities like sailing, fishing, kayaking, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and much more.

A recreational lake house.
Sumptuous House In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin | image credit:

On top of all the fun you’ll have with friends and family, all of these activities can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Add in the benefits of living in a water wonderland that your family will cherish and living lakeside is a no-brainer.

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