How Liveable is Foggy Bottom, DC?

A view of Washington, DC from the top of the Washington Monument in Foggy Bottom.

Foggy Bottom, is one of the first neighborhoods in Washington, DC, and is located west of the White House and downtown Washington in the Northwest quadrant.  Foggy Bottom DC stretches from the Potomac River to the western edge of Georgetown.  It is one of the first neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. George Washington University rules the majority of the area, forming a combination of old-town character and vibrant, modern developments. 

The neighborhood received its name from the fog that lingers in the low lying marshy riverside location. In Foggy Bottom, you’ll find big-name cultural and diplomatic buildings, and it also is home to the southernmost end of Rock Creek Park, DC a 2,100-acre green space where you can enjoy biking and running trails near the Kennedy Center and take in the views of nature and the riverside.

An aerial view of Foggy Bottom with snow on the ground.

Foggy Bottom is given an overall A+ rating on Niche Places to Live. It offers residents an urban feel, and the majority of people living in the neighborhood rent their homes. You’ll find a variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in the community to enjoy. The district has approximately 11, 000 people residing in it.

It’s central location to the White House and the Department of Stake, make it easy for federal employees and politicians to avoid D.C. traffic. Many diplomats and politicians call Foggy Bottom home, along with students and young professionals. 

A great deal of Foggy Bottom is occupied by the main campus of George Washington University, and residents have easy access to Georgetown University as is borders the prosperous neighborhood of Georgetown. The elementary schools in the area are DCPS and School Without Walls a Francis Stevens, and the high school is Cardozo Education Campus. Education in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood has an A- rating on Niche Places to Live.

Three Fundamental Things to Consider Before a Loft Conversion

As mentioned, Foggy Bottom begins where the neighborhood of Georgetown ends, but it is creating its own identity with the arrival of Foggy Bottom Whole Foods, upscale restaurants, and apartments/condominium buildings.

It’s no longer an area for college students. The neighborhood has grown into a more livable space and has expanded to attract more buyers who are looking to live near an area with a variety of options for retail stores and restaurants, while still living in a residential setting. 

Real estate in Foggy Bottom includes historic homes, modern lofts, and luxury condos. Most of the offerings are landmark row homes, which are on the National Historic Register. The Watergate complex has many luxury condos, and modern apartments can be found throughout Foggy Bottom’s west side. 

Some of the biggest draws for residents is the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, world-class music, dance and drama performances take place at the performing arts center, the Friendship Lodge Odd Fellows Hall, and the infamous Watergate complex, which is the site of the burglaries that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation over the Watergate scandal. Landmarks in Foggy Bottom include the U.S. Department of State, and an antique – loaded Diplomatic Reception room can be toured by appointment. The IMMF and World Bank make their homes in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood too.

Residents can also enjoy strolling through Georgetown on weekends for some shopping and grabbing a meal at over 50 of the restaurants, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the popular hangouts are South Block, known for its smoothies and acai bowls, Penn Grill, where you can build your own stir fry, Crepeaway is the place for sweet and savory crepes, and Founding Farmers, which always has a line-up.

Considerations to Make Before Starting Your Home Renovation

Getting around is pretty simple in Foggy Bottom. The Foggy Bottom GWU Metro Station makes all of Washington accessible to residents in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is bike-friendly with paths to take you around to where you want to go. 

There are lots for residents to enjoy in Foggy Bottom, including safety, education and it’s a good neighborhood for families with a lot of diversity. Being set right on the edge of the Potomac River, you cannot outdo the curb appeal of the numerous historic homes. The mix of old and new in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood grabs your interest. 

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