How to Showcase Your (Home’s) Personality

A personality-filled dining room with a fireplace.

You just bought a house. Or maybe you’ve been in your house for a while now. In any case, are you in love with the color of your walls? Is your colorful personality shining throughout your house? Probably not. In most houses, every room is the same color. No creativity, no pop. And if it’s a color that doesn’t speak to you, it’s dull.

You may think it’s not a big deal. Sure, you can live with beige, aging white, or even avocado green walls. When was this house last painted, anyway?

The solution to your drab, outdated walls is simple. A new paint job will help your personality and that of your home shine through.

Step 1: Head to Your Local Hardware Store

You’re going to need to check out the paint chip wall.

It may seem daunting, but trust me, you can do it. You’ll be able to rule out a number of swatches pretty quickly. They’ll be too dark or too light, and some might even be too bright. Eventually, you’ll find a shade that speaks to you.

Step 2: Choosing Where to Put Color

What if you love the color you found, but think it will be too overpowering?

You could spruce up the original color and do an accent wall with the new color. If you have trim partway up your wall in addition to the bottom (and maybe even the top) you could do one color on the upper walls and another color on the lower walls. You could even do a color on the ceiling. That’s right, the ceiling doesn’t need to be white!

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A personality-filled arched doorway with a blue and white trim.


Step 3: Painting

All right, you’ve decided what color scheme you want. What now?

You need to get dropcloths and tarps to protect your floors and furniture; painter’s tape to keep the tarps in place and to keep paint off of areas you don’t intend to paint; sandpaper or a sanding machine; rollers; brushes; rolling trays; and clothes you don’t mind getting paint on. And then there’s the paint itself. How many gallons do you need? Do you need primer? What finish should you do? What a headache.

Step 4: Make Someone Else Paint!

Instead of driving yourself crazy gathering all the supplies you need to paint, you can hire a professional painting company known for Boston interior painting. Their estimators and crew members can help you with the design aspects such as what shade of a certain color will work best in your space. They can give advice about whether to do accent walls, colored ceilings, or different colors on upper and lower walls. They will also be knowledgeable about primer and finishes. Best of all, they come with their own supplies!

Professional estimators are masters at knowing how many coats of paint a surface will need and can easily translate this into gallons. The crew will be meticulous with paint application and clean-up. Aside from the new color on your walls, you’d never know they were there. They know how to put down dropcloths, wrap furniture, and vacuum sanding dust without damaging any surface or leaving any sort of mess.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Home

A new coat of paint, even if it’s only on an accent wall, will make the space feel entirely new. Once you’ve gone through the process of painting your house and accenting its personality, it will feel like home.

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