8 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

The bedroom is considered to be one of the most private spaces in our home. hence, it’s only normal for some to spruce up your bedroom. It is probably the only place in our home where we spend most of our time. For the populous, a bedroom is a sacred place where they choose to retire at the end of a long day. While that is mostly the case, it became the norm if not for everyone, then to the majority of personalizing their bedroom.

Speaking of which, adding a personal touch to your bedroom is easy and doable even if you are the budget-conscious type. Here is the list of the easy and simple ideas we have for you to spruce up your bedroom.

The Iconic Bed

One of the most of the highlighted furniture in our bedroom is the bed. It is a piece of furniture for us to sleep or have a relaxation time. After a long day of work, one may themselves in front of their bed, having problems resisting that cozy look and feel of it. The truth is, nothing beats a comfortable which keeps us warm during cold nights.

Spruce up your bedroom with a red rug and wooden furniture.

Transform your bed into your ultimate escapade by throwing in additional pillows with a variety of shapes, textures, and styles. It will not only add elegance and style to the overall interior look but it also adds to the comfort level one seeks in a bed. Having more pillows in it means you can always grab one for a quick cuddle in case you need it. You could also opt-in adding a duvet to scale up the coziness level and at the same time, adds neutral look elements and wintery feels. Perhaps, finishing it with a blanket or any duvet cover on top to make it more welcoming, along with the pillows to add more class into it.

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Multi-Layered Beddings

One of the keys to having a successful bed is through the proper use of beddings. Aside from using a flat sheet, fitted sheet, bedspread, blankets, and coverlets, you could also try adding extra a comforter or duvet on the bed for added comfort, especially during the cold summer nights and throughout the winter season.

Multi-Layered Beddings

It does not hurt to finish it with a bed quilt on top for your bed to stand out and by doing so will add that personal touch in it.

DIY Bed Headboards

The use of bed headboards is more than just an added design to the overall interior look of your bedroom. Also, headboards are not just mere support to your bed, but they are there to protect your wall from any abrasions. Yet, we cannot ignore the fact they add a personal touch to the overall design. If in case, you found yourself in a situation where you need to replace or install a new headboard – you might be wanting to try out some DIYs. You will never go out of style with DIY headboards, in fact, it will bring out the artistic persona in you.

If the ideas of having bed headboards do not seem to be your preference, you could try out art frames as a replacement, either way, both are there and they will surely add personal touches within your space. Now that’s one great addition to spruce up your bedroom!

Dramatic Curtains

Your bedroom looks vanilla with the absence of curtains. There is so much to curtains than just pieces of arbitrary things that block the sunlight during early mornings should you wish to extend your time in sleeping. Then, some prefer to use sheer curtains during daytime for them to achieve that translucent vibe.

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Spruce up your bedroom with a bed and two windows.

Curtains bring us several purposes but if we talk about interior design, they play an important role in adding aesthetics within your space. They bring out the elegant vibe within your bedroom and they are there to make such a striking statement.

The Magic Carpet

One of the most common add-ons in a bedroom is an area rug or commonly known as carpet. There are a plethora of reasons as to why the use of a carper is popular, and yet there are those who are uncertain as to why they should go for one.

Well, for obvious reasons, a carpet adds style and look within the space. Choosing a carpet with the right color bridges all of the elements of your bedroom – for instance, they complement almost all colors used in interior design. It also adds comfort every time you walk on it barefoot and provides warmth during the cold weather as your floors can be downright cold.

Not Just an Average Ceiling

Your bedroom ceiling is one of the first things you see every time you wake up. A traditional ceiling is mostly painted in white but some prefer to have it in neutral colors like dark blue or gray.

Add a circular ceiling to spruce up your bedroom.

It is known that neutral colors go well with other vibrant colors and a plus factor for it is, it is more appealing to the eyes. You could also go for some romantic designs and color which can give you a soothing feeling when you wake up. Just imagine waking up seeing your ceiling for the first time and having the thought of feeling refreshed and reborn.

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Bedroom Wall as Your Open Canvass

You’ve got everything setup, your bed, curtains, the ceiling, and even the area rugs are in place but you still feel that you are walking in an empty room. It is probably because of the large and empty walls. It is a challenge to decorate the four wall corners of your room as you are probably taking into account the color it should with it. Well, you could with neutral colors as it complements almost every color.

You could also light colors should you prefer it. Perhaps, you can go with the use of wall art frames and murals can go a long way as it brings out your artistic taste and art expression. Never be afraid to try out different styles in adding touch within the four corners of your bedroom. You will be surprised at how it will turn out!

That’s it! Following these 8 simple ways to spruce up your bedroom will you surely earn your ideal bedroom in no time! Now that just leaves you orienting your bedroom for you to have a better relaxation time.

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