Ways To Make A Rental Feel Like Home – Use New Wallpapers

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There is a reason why we feel at ease when we are at home. This is because home is where we keep all our belongings and have the place organized in a way that it makes sense to us and gives a sense of security. However, what are you to do if you have to live in the apartments for rent?

There are many reasons why you may need to live in a rented house or apartment including you are a student, have moved to a different city for employment, etc. Either way, below are some of the ways you can make the place feel like home. A word of caution though- do check your renters insurance coverage and policy details before you go about making any major changes in the place. It doesn’t matter if you bought a plan from a new-age entity like Lemonade Renters insurance or from a traditional company like American Family, checking up with the provider is a must. 

1. Declutter

Your rental apartment may have a lot of stuff that belonged to the tenants who lived there before you. However, there is no reason to keep it with you, especially when you have no use for it. So, the first thing you need to do to make your rental place look like home is to declutter it as much as possible.  

2. Use New Wallpapers

Your rental home may not exactly have the kind of wallpapers that you would like, mainly because of the fact that they weren’t chosen by you in the first place. So, you can try different ways to improve your home with wallpapers. For instance, you can use floral patterns, pick bright colors or colors that match the décor and furniture. 

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3. Personalize

A house can’t feel like home unless you have your belongings there i.e. things that have a special meaning to you. So, what you can do is personalize the place by adding objects you like such as pillows in different shapes, paintings, curtains, etc. The more of your personality you are able to add to the place, the warmer and welcoming the place can become. 

4. Treat Yourself

Moving to a new place can be quite expensive, especially if you consider the hidden costs. However, you shouldn’t restrain yourself from some indulgence either. For instance, if you always wanted a pool table in your home, then, get it for your rental place by all means. Similarly, if you want to upgrade your TV to a bigger one, then you should check out some of the best options in the market and bring one as soon as possible. 

5. Add an Indoor Garden

Rental homes, especially apartments provide little to no outdoor space. However, what you can do is bring potted herbs indoors to add an element of greenery in your house and also make the air fresh and pure. You can also add potted plants that bear fruits and flower to increase the variety in vegetation.

6. Showcase Collectibles and Antiques

Stuck with a studio apartment that looks dull and uninspiring? Fret not! You can fetch attractive collectibles and antique items and decorate your place with them to add an element of “human touch”.

Final Words

As a renter, there are a few things that you just have to know. These include how it’s possible to protect renters with renter insurance, checking rules and regulations of your rented apartment, and ways to make a rental feel like a home that are explained above. If you want your moving to a new place a comfortable and smooth experience, then be sure to apply the information that’s shared above. You will be amazed by the results!

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