All you Need to Know About UPVC Replacement Windows and Doors

A man installing replacement windows in a house.

We are living in an age where energy saving is on everyone’s mind, and if you are thinking about replacing your old timber windows and doors with UPVC double glazed units, you can expect to enjoy huge savings on your energy use. When out and about, you have no doubt noticed that many homeowners have already made the switch to UPVC double glazed windows and doors, and with that in mind, here are just a few of the benefits that come with state of the art UPVC windows and doors.

  • Massive Fuel Savings – Some homeowners report savings as high as 60% on their annual energy bills, and the reason for this is the hermetically sealed double-glazed units that help to reduce heat loss through the glazed areas. A single pane of glass allows heat to pass through it, whereas, a double-glazed unit creates a double barrier between the inside and outside of your home. This works equally well in both winter and summer, keeping the heat in during the cold months, while maintaining a cooler temperature during the long hot summers that we have in Australia.
  • Bespoke Solutions – Every single unit is made to measure, which means they will fit like a glove, and this also allows you to choose the opening designs too. When you have reached an agreement with a local company that has UPVC windows for sale, they supplier will send a qualified surveyor to your home, who accurately measure each and every unit, thus ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Excellent Security – As any burglar would have to access your home via a window or door, installing UPVC double glazing is the best possible form of home security, as each unit is built to withstand any attempt at forced entry. In fact, burglars are all too aware of the security properties of these windows and doors and would simply look for an easier home to rob. There’s no need for CCTV or a burglar alarm if you have double glazed replacement windows, and the very fact you have them is all the deterrent you need. Many homes have fallen victim to the opportunist thief, thanks to easy access through a traditional window, and by installing double glazing, you can forget all about intruders for good.Maintenance Free – You can say goodbye to repainting your door and window frames when you install UPVC units, and the frames are guaranteed not to crack, fade or peel. This means you can relax, rather than having to protect the timber frames from the weather, and with a wipe of a damp cloth every so often, your doors and windows will always look like new.
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Aside from the above benefits, UPVC doors and windows will boost the kerb appeal of your home, not to mention the added value to your property. This makes UPVC double glazing a very wise investment indeed, and once installed, you can enjoy all of the benefits for many years to come.

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