How to Create an Interior Space that Embraces Your Spirituality

A spiritual space with a rug and pillows.

In 2020, life can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, especially for the spiritual among us. It’s common to experience a sense of disconnection, especially for those who are more sensitive to the world around them and the energies it puts out.

When this happens, it’s good to have a relaxing space to escape to, and even better if it’s inside your own home. Whether it’s somewhere to meditate or simply a place where you can switch off, having a room that’s specially designated for such a purpose can be hugely beneficial.

But how do you go about creating this private sanctum in your home? Here are a few useful pointers to help you.  

Choose a calming color palette

Everyone embraces spirituality in their own way. For some, the best method of connecting with the wider world, both seen and unseen, is through meditation or crystals; for others, reaching out to those who are no longer with us for clarity and guidance. Even the latter can now be done from home thanks to websites like TheCircle, which offer free psychic chat options through online chat and apps.

A woman is sitting in a spirituality space holding a bowl of incense.

However you choose to express this spiritual side, it’s good to have a dedicated space for it – one where you can feel relaxed and at ease with yourself – and to create such a mood, color is essential. Bold, flashy, and bright hues tend to be overstimulating, so opt instead for neutral, calming shades with an earthy undertone, like cream and mushroom. Alternatively, soft greens and blues can work well, being heavily reminiscent of nature and the natural world.

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The key is to work out what vibe is most likely to calm and soothe you when you need to recharge your spiritual batteries.

Select décor that’s simple but not Spartan

Once you know what color palette you want, it’s time to select some décor for your specially designated space. Mess and clutter can be distracting, but that doesn’t mean the room should be entirely bare – rather, it needs to be simple yet inviting, so you’re able to feel relaxed and at ease there.

The best way to achieve this is by choosing a handful of furnishings, ones that calm you, or bring to mind your spiritual beliefs. This might include photographs or paintings, for example; perhaps a simple woven carpet. Plants can also be a great addition, helping to purify the air and bring a sense of serenity into your space.

Add objects that help to create a sense of zen

A spiritual potted plant adorns a dresser.

Finally, think about the sort of objects that are most likely to ground you and help you feel connected to your spirituality. Candles are essential, so you might wish to include special shelves or spaces for displaying them, or even a gothic candle stand where you can burn a few large ones at once. Crystals too, can be a powerful force for meditation and connection, as can incense. Think about not just the smell and visuals you want to introduce into your space, but the sounds as well – a wind chime perhaps, or a sound system that will help you to play rain recordings, whale song, or other soothing melodies from nature.

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What will your special room look like?

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