What happens if my neighbors object to planning permission?

A house with blueprints and planning permission on top of it.

Deciding to extend your property or build a lodge in the garden is not an easy step. You’ll need to design the space, apply for planning permission and find contractors to build it for you.

All of this cost money and time. In fact you should also factor in an underground utility locating services as this will tell you if there are any utilities running under you land. You can click here to learn more about the services available. It is worth doing as your plans will be ruined if you dig into a utility pipe.

Although all stages take time the design stage is generally relatively fun; it is the planning permission stage that often causes the most upsets. Your project needs to win the approval of your neighbors as well as complying with local planning laws.

If you do have neighbors objecting to your planning permission; this is what you need to do:

Talk To Them

Ideally you want to talk to your neighbors before you put your planning application in. This will allow you to get a feel for what issues they may have and how you can deal with them. Sometimes it’s as simple as giving them reassurances.

However, if you haven’t spoken to them or have and thought everything was okay then you have an issue that needs to be dealt with in order to get the permission you want.

Again, you’ll have to approach the neighbors to find out what issues they have. Depending on how well you know them you may be able to do this individually or you may need to call a local meeting. The important thing is to show them that you want them all to be happy.

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Adjust The Planning

The planning board will give you the reasons why the application has been rejected.

The best way to get your application through planning is to make a few changes to it. In fact it is likely that the planning board will have mentioned what changes are necessary to ensure the permission goes through.

Consider this; it is very rare to get a complete no to a planning request and many planning applications go through despite lots of objections.

The reason is simple; if one objection were enough to stop a project then nothing would ever get built. While you want to keep your neighbors happy you should make sure that every planning application you submit complies fully with the local planning regulations.

Get An Architect

If you haven’t used an architect then you should get one. They will ensure that your application ticks all the right boxes with the planning department and dramatically increase the chances of your application being approved; even if there are lots of objections.

The real secret is to keep going. No matter how many times your application is rejected or an objection is lodged by your neighbors; if you keep adjusting and applying you will eventually get the permission you seek.

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