Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Skip Hire

A yellow skip hire sitting on the side of a street.

If you are carrying out renovations at home or you need a skip for commercial purposes, you’ll need to contact a reputable company who can meet your needs.

There are plenty of professional skip hire companies located up and down the country, but some offer better services than others. When hiring an organisation, it is important to ask questions to see whether they can meet your specific requirements.

Where will they place the skip?

Ideally, a skip should be left on your property or the site in which you are working. But when you are tight on space, you may not be able to have your skip dropped off on your premises. If you can’t have it placed on-site or in your driveway, you may need to leave the unit on a public road or walkway. A competent skip hire company knows that not all their clients can have a skip placed on their property, some need to use public areas. They’ll be able to provide you with information regarding permits and where to apply for them, some businesses take care of all the permits, so you don’t have it.

Will you need the skip for a long time?

Before hiring a skip, you should try and figure out how long you’ll need it for. If you are working on a small domestic extension, you should try and calculate your deadline date, this way you’ll save money by not renting the unit for additional days. If you leave the skip idle for several days, you’re paying for a unit that isn’t being used.

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What size skip do you need & do you require additional services?

If you are looking for a large commercial skip and you’d also like to do business with a company who specialise in metal recycling in Doncaster, you must speak to a business representative before you order a unit. There is no point in ordering a bulky, commercial skip for construction waste if the company you are dealing with can’t provide additional recycling services that you require. It is easier to get things done all at once, rather than dealing with several organisations.

If you’ve trouble choosing the right size skip, it is advisable to speak to a knowledgeable individual who can offer expert recommendations.

What can I not load into the skip?

When hiring a skip, it is important to find out what you can and can’t put into it. There are certain items that are hazardous and should never be put into a skip. If you are unsure about waste disposal items, you should discuss your concerns with the skip hire company. They’ll be able to provide a list of items which must be disposed of by other means.

If you’d require a commercial or domestic skip for hire, you must consider several factors before having the unit delivered to your location. If you’ve never dealt with a skip hire company before, try and find a reputable organisation in your area. They should offer expert advice, service and recommendations on everything to do with waste disposal.

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