4 Luxurious Bedroom Wall Ideas To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Modern bedroom interior with large window and person standing.

The bedroom is the place where you should feel the most comfortable and relaxed. It represents the place you go to rest and recharge. While the bedroom is often one of the last spaces in the home to receive a decorative overhaul, it is one of the most satisfying rooms in the house to redesign. Running short of ides? Take a look into our luxurious bedroom wall ideas how to upgrade your room to the next level.

1. Luxurious Bedroom Wall Lighting

Lighting, both natural and artificial, plays a big role in creating ambiance in a bedroom. Take advantage of all the natural light you can by installing window treatments that open fully during the day to allow in light. Hence, add lamps, wall sconces or a standing light to any dark corners of the room, banishing shadows.

Light pattern of this white wall is enhanced by warm yellow strip light. Using lighting in this way, creates romantic and subtle atmosphere. Also, the two black and sleek vertical chandeliers contribute to this peaceful oasis.

A modern bedroom with a luxurious wooden bed and headboard.
Elegant and breezy pattern creates romantic.

Introduce an aura of mystery into your bedroom. By placing the picture in the center, it provides a place to focus the eye. Also, two clusters of mini pendant lights add a sparkling, finishing touch.

A luxurious bedroom with a bed and a desk.
Add your own personal touch.

It looks like that this amazing wooden wall has been designed to mimic shattered glass, with each section of wood cut into a shard. Moreover, the wooden shards are edged with lightning strips, so that each piece would reflect the light at a slightly different angle to achieve the desired effect.

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A luxurious bedroom with wooden walls and a bed.
Luxurious mimic of the shattered glass.

2. Add a Stylish Storage

Space is a luxury in many bedrooms, but the ideal bedroom should provide enough space to install the furniture you use on a daily basis, with enough room to move around freely.

Therefore, this new modern master bedroom storage is very lavish and grand. It is the perfect choice for spacious bedrooms. The pastel tones, melting from light to dark, definitely invoke the feeling of serenity.

A luxurious bedroom with wooden floors and a bed.
Use storage in a modern way.

Wooden bedroom panel, ornamented with light strips, steals the show in this feminine bedroom. The white storage space is placed on the right side, thus making the bad center of attention. Notice how graphics in wallpaper and pillows mach.

A luxurious bedroom with white walls and a white bed.
Add a feminine note to your wall bedroom.

Elegance end simplicity is what defines this minimalist bedroom wall decor. Using mirrors in this way, you expend the sense of space in your bedroom.

A luxurious bedroom with large mirrors on the wall.
Minimalist room with elegance and simplicity.

3. Use a Rough and Soft Stone Materials for Luxurious Bedroom Wall

If you want to create the entirely new look of your bedroom wall, bring the stones into life.

The decorative pattern on these back-lit marble wall panels traces glimpses of light in the stone, creating a combination of lines that meet the various shades and the different colors of the stone.

A luxurious bedroom with a bed and a lamp on the wall.
The Italian manufacturer Lithos Design uses natural stone and marble for exterior and interior design.

Rough stones in rectangular blocks take you back into the ancient times. Moreover, when pared with modern look of chair and closet, they create the sense coolness and uniqueness.

A luxurious bedroom with a stone wall.
Using rough rectangular stones to enhance lavishness (ONI studio).

Who doesn’t like a bedroom with marble walls? This marble luxurious wall is paired with light beige headboard and a striking read cushion. Long striped curtains add just the right note.

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A luxurious bedroom with marble walls.
Luxurious marble in your wall bedroom.

4. Add a Luxurious Bedroom Wall Mural

Adding luxurious murals on your bedroom wall, also add a personality to it.

Likewise, this 3D wall mural is a creative way to enrich your empty bedroom wall. The bold and bright colors of blue and green, mixed brilliantly together, enhance the sense of exotic. Interruption of yellow bed, adds a completely new energy and appeals to every sense.

A luxurious bedroom with a blue and yellow wall mural.
Create your own aura of tropical touch (bvm-home.com).

Japanese inspired luxurious wall mural is perfect for those who love flowers. The red poppy papaver flowers are depicted in simple and elegant way.

A luxurious bedroom with poppies on the wall.
A wall is like a blank canvas just waiting to come alive with color and design (bvm-home.com)

On the other hand, this art mural makes the most of both worlds by making the unique connection among them. In addition, an unusual star-shaped lights act as a headboard.

A luxurious bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.
Add a new personality to your bedroom wall.

What constitutes a perfect bedroom is a matter of personal taste. Try mixing and matching some of this luxurious bedroom wall ideas to complete your room. Which one is your favorite?

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