5 Ways Luxury Ottoman Beds Can Enhance Your Bedroom

A luxurious hotel room with a comfortable bed and a desk.

Luxury ottoman beds are getting popular. They’re a practical solution for your space needs, while still keeping your bedroom looking luxurious and uncluttered. Whether you want a modern luxury bedroom theme, or elegant, timeless, and classic, luxury ottoman beds can enhance your bedroom in many ways. 

In general, ottoman beds come with a gas-lift hydraulics mechanism to lift up their base and open the storage space underneath. You can store different stuff in this area, while saving bedroom space. Because of the great storage capacity of ottoman beds, they’re ideal for bedrooms with limited space.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the best ways luxury ottoman beds can help enhance your bedroom.

Organize And Attain A Luxury Minimalist Bedroom Design

A luxury ottoman bed isn’t your ordinary bed. You can use the full empty storage space underneath once you open the base to store different household items. Some examples include beddings, towels, and bed linens, like pillows, bedsheets, and duvets. 

Are you running out of living space?  If yes, you can store rarely used items inside your ottoman bed, such as bulky curtains, table covers, rugs, and even your priceless collections. Just imagine eliminating the clutter away from your home with the help of ottoman beds. Hence, you can achieve a minimalist modern luxury room.

Enjoy the relaxing space in your bedroom with a luxury ottoman bed. Feel the cozy ambiance it provides because of the elegant headboard and frame design of a luxury ottoman bed available for sale online in stores like The Luxury Bed Co.

Perfect Bedroom Furniture for a Contemporary Décor 

A luxurious bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.

Effortless Luxury Ottoman Bed Lift Mechanism

As mentioned earlier, ottoman beds are operated by gas lift hydraulics, so you only need minimal effort to access the hidden storage underneath the bed. You can control the lift speed. It will stay up when you open it, and will stay that way until you’re ready to close the compartment. That’s why it’s safe to operate.

You can open and close your luxury ottoman bed effortlessly through the following mechanisms:

Foot-end opening

The two types of foot-end opening ottoman bed mechanisms include full ottoman and half ottoman. Half ottomans are a perfect compromise between ottoman storage and pull-out drawers because they include both storage features.  On the other hand, a full ottoman bed provides a greater storage capacity as compared to bed drawers because of its full ottoman storage. 

Side Opening

You’ll also find some luxury ottoman beds that open from the side rather than the foot part of the bed. This type of opening is ideal in small bedrooms, in which you can’t access the end of the bed because it’s too close to the wall, and can only access it from one side. 

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Secure Your Precious Belongings

Also, have peace of mind that your most loved belongings are securely kept in a closed storage area, while keeping your small bedroom organized. Your items stay dust-free and clean inside your luxury ottoman bed, and you can just open the base any time to reveal what you need.

Promote Utmost Relaxation And Enjoyment

Luxury ottoman bed frames have sprung slats, which provide improved mattress longevity and enhanced sleep comfort. Get to relax and enjoy lying on your luxury ottoman bed after a tiring day at work, which is a perfect treat for yourself.

How To Arrange Furniture in a Bedroom

The element of surprise of luxury ottoman beds can definitely enhance your bedroom. For instance, you can hide a surprise gift inside your luxury ottoman bed for your spouse on your anniversary. A luxury ottoman bed in your master bedroom will really be functional. 

Other rooms in the house can have ottoman beds, too, even your children’s bedrooms. They can use the space to store their toys, books, and other personal items. In the guest room, ottoman storage spaces can be used to store linens, travel essentials, sports equipment, picnic items, and other items you can think of keeping safely hidden.

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Give You Great Additional Bed Options

You’ve learned how an ottoman bed works. So, it’s time to know your bed options aside from ottomans. Luxury ottoman beds are a great alternative to divan beds, and vice versa. Or, you can have them both if you have several bedrooms to fill. 

So, how is an ottoman bed different from a divan bed?  Both of them have built-in storage underneath. They come in different materials, color options, designs, and matching headboards. A divan bed can be as good as an ottoman bed, with only a few key differences that include the following:

Storage Options

A divan bed comes with versatile storage options because you can have either ottoman storage or drawer option, or both, giving you the best of both worlds. If you prefer a full storage area under your bed, then an ottoman bed frame is highly recommended.

Mattress Options

 Divan beds are convenient because they come in one package, with a bed frame and mattress included. For ottoman bed frames, they usually don’t include a mattress. You can buy a mattress for your ottoman bed, such as a memory foam mattress, pocket sprung, or orthopedic mattress, depending on your preference.

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Space Required

 Luxury ottoman beds only require minimal bedroom space because the storage is accessed from the top, instead of the sides of the bed. On the other hand, divan beds are made with the same dimensions as mattresses. That’s why divan beds are more compact than ottoman bed frames.


Luxury ottoman beds offer greater flexibility because the sprung slats are slightly curved. The slats work in harmony with the mattress, which provides gentle support, promoting improved sleep. On the other hand, ottoman divan beds come with a platform top base. The base provides a firmer and more supportive surface for the mattress.


Enjoy the clean and tidy look of your small bedroom by investing in luxury ottoman beds. They’re easy to operate and provide plenty of space for your household items. Luxury ottoman beds have modern and elegant designs, making your bedroom ambiance cozy. Sleep comfortably while keeping your precious belongings safely secured inside your ottoman bed.

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