A DIY Guide To Making A Pop-Up Shop Out Of A Storage Unit 

Neon pop-up shop sign on a wall.

If you’ve been searching online for some effective strategies to move your brand in a more accessible manner to your target customers and gain foot traffic, going for a pop-up shop is the best way to go. This is also a great idea throughout the year to build brand visibility and increase revenue. 

One of the most versatile and approachable ways for retailers to test new ideas and grow their following is to use pop-ups. Most people perceive pop-ups as temporary. You can take advantage of its limited opportunity in flexible ways. A pop-up shop may open in an empty building or travel across the country with mobile displays. It may open just a few days a week, or it may pop up hundreds of times a year. A product launch, a click-to-bricks concept, a seasonal product, a promotional campaign, or a special event makes it an ideal choice. The list goes on and on. 

These days, the use of storage units for top shops is increasing. Pop-up shops are an excellent choice for eCommerce companies or businesses that have main storefronts that are too remote. You’re also not tied to the financial commitment of a brick-and-mortar store. Read along to start utilising a storage unit for your pop-up store very soon.

What Is A Pop-Up Shop?

 The pop-up shop is a temporary storefront that frequently comes and goes. Commercial real estate often has some vacant space, and pop-up shops often occupy entire storefronts or just a corner and can last a few days to a few months. Businesses of all sizes are benefiting from pop-up stores due to their many advantages. 

Create a pop-up shop for your business, and you can make an impression to your customers of how your brand is. Pop-up shops are relatively new and trendy, so take advantage of their increasing fame now and incorporate their use as one of your effective business strategies. 

 Pop-Ups Options

Storage units are effective business alternatives to office spaces, warehouses, and commercial buildings. Here are the following pop-up shops wherein you can utilise storage units:

Mobile Showroom

In a mobile showroom, you can display your products for viewing purposes. But, your client’s order is packaged and mailed instead of bagged. Customers will then have to wait for the delivery; sometimes, it’ll only take a day. 

Convenience Store

Place your shop near community events or high foot traffic areas where people are likely to need a quick refreshment. 

Mobile Bar / Taphouse

The bars at event venues are not open all year long, especially for platforms focused on temporary activities. Thus, a pop-up bar is ideal because it can be set and packed up very quickly. 

Coffee Shop

By moving your business, you can be motivated to reach a broad audience of customers around your new location. 

Specialty Retail

Specialty shops focus on one kind of product. These shops are usually located within larger shopping centers as booths, kiosks, or pop-ups. 

Starting A Pop-Up Store

Consider the following action plans before you finally launch your pop-up store:

Determine Your Budget

Plan your budget before you begin. Consider the cost of your pop-up shop space. You’ll receive various rent quotes, depending on the city, neighborhood, square footage, and utilities you need. Get a sense of monthly rents in your chosen pop-up shop area by checking commercial real estate listings. 

When crunching your pop-up space numbers, don’t skip over staffing costs, insurance, and potential buildouts. Decide how much you can pay for a pop-up shop space by considering all the details. Consider budget for the items below: 

  • Store Layout And Design 
  • Logistics 
  • Location 
  • Staffing 
  • Miscellaneous 
  • Marketing and Promotion 

  Find A Great Location

Measure the foot traffic in your location, as this is essential for retail marketing. It’s best to find the perfect place for your pop-up shop, somewhere people could see and visit easily while on their way to someplace. 

Everybody probably has tried pausing to take a look outside of a store a few times just because something enticing caught your eye in the window while you were on your way to your destination. 

For new brands, this incidental contact with customers is the point of attraction of a pop-up shop. If your business doesn’t have an existing following of loyal customers who would do anything to get your products and services, setting up a pop-up shop in a remote area doesn’t make sense. Hence, finding the best location is crucial.

A stopwatch featuring a pop-up shop design. 

Make Your Pop-Up Visible

Ensure that the location you choose for your pop-up shop is visible to passersby. Most shopping centers and malls have small retail businesses hidden in areas that are no longer exposed to people. While these spaces only incur a lower rent that may make them appealing to long-term retailers, the total savings probably cannot compensate for the opportunities you’ll miss with your pop-up shop. 

Ensure that passersby can see your pop-up shop. If you have the budget, why don’t you invest in beautiful and attractive signage, as it also makes a significant impact? 

Design Your Pop-Up Store

A little brainstorming and research can help you get started if you still don’t have an idea about your pop-up shop design. Using social media platforms and online references are great tools to help you brainstorm your pop-up’s look. 

Even though its importance is only secondary to visibility and accessibility, designing a pop-up shop space still requires consideration. Having multiple inventory types makes this challenge even more difficult. Pop-up shops should have adequate space and storage for a business of your size. 

Furthermore, a beautiful space that meets your needs will create free publicity for you –customers will post pictures of your area on their social media pages. Make sure you add a location tag to your pop-up! 

Decide The Duration Of Your Pop-Up

You need to choose whether your pop-up is more temporary or a bit more permanent. What timeframe do you envision having your pop-up shop operating and running for? You can have a pop-up shop for as long as a couple of months, so you have a lot of flexibility with time. 

It can be challenging to deal with long queues and impatient customers if a pop-up shop is open only for a weekend. However, a longer-term pop-up shop may end up costing you more in rent and decrease the demand and excitement of your customers to get your products. Therefore, select the most ideal duration for your pop-up. 


It’s best to begin exploring pop-up shop space options as early as possible to have the most incredible pool of choices. Use the tips recommended in this article for using a storage unit as your pop-up. It won’t take long before you find the pop-up shop that’s just right for you. From there, you just need to implement all the necessary steps and watch as your new business grows and makes revenues.

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