Solar Gate Repairs: A Basic Guide For Property Owners 

A solar-powered gated entrance to a home in California.

Australia’s eco-friendly residential and commercial properties often feature solar-powered electric gates, especially homes within a sprawling yard or farms in rural areas. 

Because of the sheer size of the lot area, most property owners prefer to have an automatic solar gate opener to skip the complex electronics systems installation involved in connecting their main entrances to a traditional power source. With a solar panel installed and connected to the automated gate motor, owners can enjoy stress-free and automatic security fences.

But like any other mechanical device, an automated security system may suffer from issues with time or when exposed to harsh elements. In this article, you’ll learn how a solar gate opener works and the most common problems that may need to be checked or fixed—alongside simple things that you can do before calling professional help. 

What Is A Solar Gate System?

Before knowing when solar gate repairs may become necessary in a property, owners must understand the basics of a solar gate system and how it works. 

Technically, this type of fence is an electronic gate that needs solar power to function. The only difference is that the former is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

How Does A Solar Gate Work?

It’s hard to miss a sun-powered fence. Typically, you’ll see a solar panel attached to a pole near one of the corners of the gate. This panel will have wires connecting it to the gate’s electronic control box. The magic happens in this small gadget where solar energy passes by. Solar power goes through the wire, then towards the control box to where it distributes to both the power pack and the battery. 

Additionally, the box will also contain the batteries needed as a source of alternative power when the sun’s not out. 

Melbourne may not be the sunniest city in the country, but it still enjoys ample sun hours estimated at 2,200 hours yearly. It makes a solar-driven automatic gate opener a wise option, especially for residential properties. Commercial buildings also benefit from this technology using boom barriers to control vehicle access in parking areas. 

Apart from saving on power costs, residential and commercial properties can rely on an electronic fence despite power disruptions because of reserve power from the battery. Additionally, multiple firms can check these security devices when they stop working. Property owners can seek boom gate repairs Melbourne to get them functioning once again.  

 How To Handle Most Common Solar Gate Repair Issues

At the same time, a customer must know how to take good care of the system and ask for annual maintenance checks. It is imperative, a solar fence and boom gate owner want to reserve repairs for significant issues. 

Below, you’ll find the most common issues you might face as a solar gate or boom barrier owner, with some simple tips on when you can fix the problem yourself or when to seek professional help.     

Check The Following Components Before Seeking Solar Gate Repairs

A boom or solar gate may face issues that aren’t technical. So, before seeking professional boom barrier and gate repairs, whether in Melbourne or elsewhere, owners must check the following solar gate components:


The design may expose the power box to water, insects, and other unfriendly elements as placed outdoors. If you suspect such, consider cleaning the sections leading to it. However, it’s advisable to leave the dismantling of the power box to professionals.    


Also called solar cells, this vital component usually stays warm, especially along the edges—making them ideal hiding spots for pests. Choosing the best solar panels is only one part of the equation. Being able to check the board and maintain the panel board is also crucial. Similarly, the solar panels must catch a steady supply of solar power. Keep the surroundings clear of any obstruction. 

Remote Control And Keypads 

A solar gate with a green fence attached to it.

Your remote control may need new batteries. If such is the case, buy a set from hardware stores. Otherwise, check the indicator lights to determine whether specific functions are active and likely affects your gate’s proper functioning.   

Wiring System

Either power outages or severe storms in your area may damage the system. Check whether there are wiring and parts that may be cut, burnt, or damaged. 


Your batteries will likely need replacement if you’ve been using them for over two years. If they’re relatively new, check if they can generate power using a voltmeter. A mixed-use solar gate system uses solar energy as the primary power source and battery as a reserve power generator. Despite being more sustainable, renewable power sources can sometimes be sensitive, especially mixed with other energy production methods.  

Gate Tracks, Rollers, Hinges, Etc.

If your automatic slide gate seems jammed, check the way and remove any types of obstruction such as twigs, pebbles, and other debris stuck in between. Most of the time, keeping the area around the gate track clear is a simple way to keep your gate in tip-top shape. Don’t forget to check the wheel, too, as they may be stuck and damaged. 

The same goes for swing gates, although damages on the hinges or along the gate arm can make closing and opening the fence highly challenging. Hinges are without question the busiest part of the gate, making it an essential component. Try lubricating the hinges or replacing the wheels before seeking contractors to repair the solar gate. 

Perform A Hard Reset

While mainly driven by solar energy, a solar gate system is also automated. As such, no matter how you design the machine, it could be best to perform a hard reset when it gets stuck, just as you would with your electronic devices. In some cases, this can help your solar gate system function like new again and can save you from paying for repairs, especially if you’ve just had preventive maintenance.  

Seek Professional Help

If doing the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier proved ineffective in addressing your solar-powered boom and automated gate woes, it’s best to call boom gate repairs Melbourne or in any place near you.

Final Thoughts

As with other electronic devices, there are many reasons why solar and boom gates in Melbourne and other parts of the country may need repair. In some cases, owners can resolve minor issues by performing some of the tips discussed in this article.  

Built to last, remember that solar energy-fueled automated gate systems. These devices also come with materials and craftsmanship warranties. But it remains vulnerable to harsh elements, and improper use can shorten its lifespan. As a property owner, adequate care should be exercised alongside yearly professional checks to ensure that your solar gate opener keeps your property secure.

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