5 Essential Steps To Take If You Find A Cockroach In Your Home

Cockroaches are not an attractive pest. However, they are surprisingly tough and have been on the planet for at least 320 million years. There are approximately 4,600 species of cockroach, roughly 30 of those are known to associate themselves with human habitats.

Most people think of cockroaches as dirty. However, they are generally clean and are likely to run away from you. After all, you’re significantly bigger than they are.

Despite this, if you see cockroaches in your home you need to click here and get some expert help. They may be shy and clean but they can carry disease on their feet. As they walk around your home and across all the surfaces, they’ll be able to spread this bacteria. 

They carry a large array of diseases, some of which can be serious.

The 5 steps you need to take if you find a cockroach in your home:

1. Call The Professionals

The first step is to call the professionals. You can find out more info here. Although you may have only seen one cockroach, it’s highly likely that there are many more. The professionals have the tools to track the cockroach and find their nest. They can then target the nest and the individual cockroaches, effectively ensuring that all of them are eliminated.

2. Close The Entry

With the cockroaches being handed by the professionals you can focus on eliminating entry points. Cockroaches are small, they can enter through the smallest of cracks in your building. Look for cracks and seal them straight away. You’ll want to pay particular attention to the area around windows and doors. This is where most cracks appear.

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3. Cleaning

You need to clean all the surfaces in your house with a disinfectant spray. Cockroaches can get almost anywhere and they potentially carry disease on their feet. This means you can easily pick up the disease without realizing it. 

To avoid this, you need to disinfect all the surfaces in your house straight away. You should continue doing this regularly to help protect against any unseen pests.

4. Checking For Moisture

Cockroaches need food and moisture to survive. It’s a good idea to use a moisture meter and check the levels of moisture in your home. If they are high then your home will be more attractive to cockroaches and other pests. 

You’ll need to locate the reason you have high moisture levels, potentially a leaking pipe. Fix these issues to reduce the likelihood of cockroaches entering.

5. Regular Pest Control

Finally, you should have regular pest control inspections, at least once a year. This will alert you to any issues and ensure they are taken care of before they become a bigger problem.

The experts can also help to ensure your home remains difficult for pests to enter. This encourages them to go elsewhere. 

Of course, an annual inspection does need to be accompanied by your own vigilance. If you see any droppings on your floor or shed skins, you’ll need to investigate further.

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