The Importance Of Tree Care For Backyard Trees

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There’s no better way to take advantage of your backyard space than planting your own trees. By having a thoughtful backyard filled with trees, you can achieve numerous benefits such as having natural shade for outdoor activities, a wildlife habitat, edible food sources, reduced energy costs, and many more.

Tree Care In Your Backyard: Why Is It Important?

Despite the advantages of planting trees in residential backyards, many homeowners don’t consider, let alone have a chance, to plant trees in their properties. If you’re planning to plant trees in your backyard, keep in mind that trees aren’t primarily for aesthetic display, and they require proper care and consistent maintenance from homeowners. 

As your tree’s life journey begins, here are top seven reasons why taking care of your backyard trees is paramount:

Protect Healthy Trees From Infestations and Diseases

Trees are living organisms susceptible to diseases and infections. By looking after your backyard trees consistently, you can determine if any tree has been affected by a disease. Some of the most common signs of illness in trees include:

  • Decay 
  • Tar spots
  • Reduced foliage
  • Tree trunk cracks
  • Presence of pests
  • Discolored leaves
  • Rotting roots
  • Soil changes

Developing awareness of tree diseases and infestations is essential to tree care as it allows tree planters to identify the disease and find ways to check if the condition is still treatable or not. 

In case the disease has proliferated, the safest option is to hire the best tree removal services in your area, like Tree Removal Winnipeg, to take care of eliminating the diseased tree and prevent the other healthy trees from suffering the same fate. 

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Keep Good Amount Of Shade and Cover

A backyard with well-maintained, towering trees can be the best view you can have without traveling away from home. Also, the shade provided by the tree’s canopy is perfect for spending time outside the sun without experiencing direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Since unhealthy, diseased trees grow less foliage, it’s crucial to take care of your trees by ensuring that they receive sufficient nutrients necessary for healthy leaf size and growth. Here are some vital tips to keep your backyard trees healthy:

  • Fertilize only when necessary
  • Observe proper pruning and mulching 
  • Implement pest control 
  • Keep the surrounding tree area grass-free 
  • Water them properly and sufficiently


Minimize Home Damage and Accidents

Having trees in your backyard indeed offers a lot of benefits, but these trees can turn into an inconvenience and safety risk when improperly looked after. Here are some unexpected circumstances that trees in your backyard pose harm to your home and residents:

  • Falling leaves cause clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Branches rubbing against the roof wear down roof shingles 
  • Moss growth in the roof under the tree shade
  • Falling branches due to wind and storm damage

Through consistent tree care and maintenance, you can keep the trees’ conditions checked to eliminate any risks of damage and accidents. If you have children in the family who frequently play in your backyard, it’s crucial to keep your trees free from hanging branches, pests, and pointed tree parts as kids love to climb and run around them. 

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Safeguard Trees Against Extreme Weathers

While trees provide exceptional protection for your home in times of harsh weather conditions involving strong winds and water overflow, they also need care and preservation after these said events. Trees that aren’t maintained well are most susceptible to disaster aftermaths.

Don’t wait for any calamities before strengthening your trees. If your trees have v-crotches, one of a tree’s weakest spots, you can reinforce them through cabling. Using high-strength steel cables, you can bind the weak branches together so that the tree won’t split in half when it twists and turns during storms. 

A girl is hanging upside down from a tree, while emphasizing the care of the tree.

Maintain Good Curb Appeal

As mentioned briefly earlier, regular pruning is an excellent method to practice tree care and maintenance. As your trees grow, they’ll require pruning in branches that are either dead, deceased, or disrupts the tree’s structural shape. 

Technically, unhealthy and dead trees contribute nothing to your property’s curb appeal, but you shouldn’t let your trees reach their end through proper tree care. Pruning is one of the best ways to care for it, which essentially involves cutting branches that are growing irregularly. You’ll learn later how pruning also contributes to the health and life of your trees. 

Aside from pruning, taking care of your trees allows them to grow beautifully in different seasons, adding extra pops of color in your yard. In case you want to mask any bad design choices, nurturing a tree is a clever way to hide them and boost your property’s curb appeal

Achieve Bountiful Harvests

Fruit-bearing trees are unexpected yet valuable additions to your property. Since they serve another purpose of producing tasty fruits for your consumption, it’s even more important to take care of them to ensure that you’re getting the best yields. 

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However, if you’re planning to grow fruit-bearing trees, do your research first and take note of which plants and trees are suitable to your geographic location. 

While waiting for your fruits to grow, you have to constantly look out for rotten fruits, diseased leaves, pests, and fungal problems before they poison the entire yield batch. Regular tree care and maintenance will also eliminate the need to call family tree services to address your concerns. 

Allow Your Trees To Live Long and Healthy

Finally, possessing rich knowledge about tree care and maintenance and applying them accordingly helps your trees live longer and healthier. Many tree owners never miss their tree’s care and maintenance schedule, but their efforts may not be enough. 

Pruning and trimming also have to be conducted strategically according to season. For instance, the best time to do them is in winter as trees are in their dormant state, which then encourages new growth as spring comes. On the other hand, fall isn’t the ideal time to prune as trees heal more slowly and are more susceptible to fungi during this season.


Trees can grow pretty much on their own, but they still require a good level of care and preservation from their owners to encourage better growth. In the early stages of your tree’s life, you should practice regular tree care as they’re starting to form their shape. 

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