Start the year right by ticking off these top home maintenance tasks

A man is performing home maintenance on a broken floor with tools.

At the start of a new year, we spend too much time making resolutions that we won’t keep.  This year, why not get those niggling home maintenance tasks ticked off your list instead?  That way you can be sure you’re starting the year off on the right note.  

But what are the top home maintenance tasks you should have on your list?  Here’s what you should be ticking off.

Maintenance jobs outside your home

A good place to start is outside your home.  This is where you’ll find some of the biggest jobs that need ticking off your list, including the roof, chimney and garden.

If you have a tiled roof, you’ll need to have a check to make sure these are still in place, and that your roof is clear of debris such as moss.  And don’t forget the gutters and drains.  These often get blocked, meaning they won’t be doing their job. If you have a flat roof, it’s a good idea to inspect this for signs of damage or leaks.  If you do all these external checks in one go, it’s easier to make a full list of repairs.  Then you can get someone in to fix them all in one go for you. This could save you money.

If you have a chimney, it’s easy to forget about sweeping it.  Especially if you haven’t noticed any problems with it.  This is a job you shouldn’t put off, so get checking out the chimney sweep prices in your area.

It’s a great time to be looking at the garden and pruning your trees and large shrubs.  Clear away dead vegetation, ready for a new round of planting in the spring.  Don’t forget to check over sheds for signs of wear. It’s worth going through what you’ve got stored in the shed and dispose of any broken tools or dangerous chemicals.  Then, make sure everything is organised for the year ahead.

Maintenance jobs inside your home

Moving inside, there are plenty of jobs you can tackle here too.  Deep cleaning, decluttering and checking over appliances, are some of the top tasks you might want to get stuck into.

Check your filters in appliances such as cooker hoods, washing machines and dryers.  And don’t forget to do a quick check of your smoke alarm.  

Head up into the loft space and check for any daylight creeping through, or signs of leaks.  Also, check for signs of rodents or unwanted nests.

Do a thorough deep clean and declutter of the whole house.  Clean under heavy furniture, polish door handles, shred old documents, clear out overflowing drawers and get rid of old clothes and broken toys.

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