Glass Staircases and Railings for an Instant Home Update

Modern home interior with wooden staircase and open dining area.

Glass staircases and railings are a stand-out feature in any home.  Sleek and modern, glass stairways let in light, open up the home and offer a variety of design styles.  If you’re considering updating your home’s entry, installing glass railings or stairs is an excellent way to add drama and update the look of your home.  With this dramatic style change, you’re sure to make a memorable first impression to visitors.

Glass Staircases in a Modern Living Room
Dramatic curved glass stairway (


Designing and fabricating glass staircases can be a challenge.  For strength and durability, a special chemically-treated architectural glass that is tempered and laminated is used.  Tempered glass is a safety glass that is processed with chemical or thermal treatments.  This treatment compresses the outer surface while placing tension on the inner surface.  This makes the glass approximately four times stronger than normal glass.  Laminated glass contains an inner layer that prevents the glass from shattering when broken.

Tempered and laminated glass is used for stairway and railing (

Materials & Features

A stairway can consist solely of glass or a combination of materials can be used to create a stunning architectural feature.  Materials such as wood and metal can play an integral part in the styling of a staircase with glass inserts.

Glass staircases and railings for a modern and instant home update.
Dark wood steps are a stylish contrast to glass (

A simple metal railing along with glass is ideal for the modern home.  Adding a touch more flourish to the metal design can greatly enhance the look for more impact in any style home.

Glass Staircases with Railings for a Modern Home Update
A simple metal railing enhances this glass railing (HGTV)

Combine wood with the glass sections of the stairwell for warmth and contrast.  Pick a color of stain that works with the surrounding finishes or with the style of your home.

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Glass Staircases with Railings for an Instant Home Update
Wood trimmed glass railing (
Glass Staircases and Railings for a Modern Home Update.
Warm wood tones set off this glass and wood staircase (
Glass Staircases and Railings with Water Feature for an Instant Home Update
Dark wood tones enhance the glass railing (

To further change the look of your stairway design, you can choose different colors of glass.  Clear is the optimal choice for a clean, sleek look.  You may opt for a tinted green or gray glass, or perhaps even an altogether different, more saturated color.

Glass Staircases for a Modern Home Update.
Tinted glass staircase (

Additionally, you can choose a patterned or etched glass for the stairway.  This is the perfect choice for adding a touch of artistry to the foyer of your home.

Open and Light

A glass stairway or railing will turn a dark area of the home into one filled with light.  A closed off space can be transformed to allow better flow and sight lines throughout the home.

Glass Railing for an Instant Home Update.

Glass Railings for a Modern Home

Glass steps look extra stylish and are an excellent choice for a central staircase.  The modern home turns into a light-filled space with architectural interest to spare.

Glass Staircases for a Modern Home Update
An open glass staircase is fresh and modern (
A glass staircase in a white house with skylights, perfect for an instant home update.
Barely-there glass steps (

Overall, a glass stairway elevates the design and style of a home.  It updates an outdated space for a fresh and modern change.

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