Five Cheap Touches for Your Guest Bathroom

A monochrome bathroom with a transparent shower.

Does your guests’ bathroom lack a good appeal? Do you feel its appearance deserve an upgrade? If your answer is yes, you need not worry anymore. Here are a few affordable titbits on how to add some attractive touch to your guests’ bathroom.

Make It Bright and Lively

Your guests’ bathroom should have some vibrancy and suave. Achieve this by carefully applying the perfect colors. The room should be bright and well lit. Let it not be a dark dingy dungeon. If possible, the bathroom should have a window or two. The window should be kept opened to allow natural light. It gives your room a soothing look. Just remember to safeguard your guest’s privacy with some translucent curtains. You can further improve the look of the bathroom by having a nice wallpaper on one of the walls. Choose a perfect wallpaper, one whose color resonates well with the color of the accessories present.

A pink bathroom with a white vanity.
Provide and Install Accessories

Your guests’ bathroom should not be an empty void. You need to invest in lots of affordable accessories. Providing the basic necessities is good but not enough to give the bathroom an attractive touch. You need to go the extra mile. There are cheap latest technologies. With a few dollars, you can upgrade your bathroom with shiny sleek cabinet knobs, sink faucets, and toilet flush handles. Awe your guests with these technologies.

White, bathtubInvest in some good furniture. Provide a chair where your guest can sit. Some tasks like applying make-up or manicure are better done when seated. There should a cabinet with several drawers. Go for a nice short wooden cabinet. Do not forget a bathtub’s shelf. It plays a great role in ensuring the comfort of your guest.

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Do not settle for low-grade mirrors. Try installing stylish mirrors. A mirror that will make the bathroom more attractive. A good mirror adds some flair to the bathroom’s appearance.

Quality Towels

Towels are a must have in guests’ washroom, both hand-towels and bath towels. However, they should not be just any type of towels. Here quality is of utmost importance. No one would like to use old rough towels. You should always have new cotton towels for your guests.

A stack of colorful towels in a bathroom.

The towels should be kept clean, well folded and stacked somewhere near the bathtub. Whatever detergent you use to clean the towels, it should be non-allergenic. Additionally, you should have a basket nearby for used towels. Remember to remove the used towels daily.

A First Aid Kit Is Important

The safety of your guests is paramount. Accidents do occur anywhere. Show that you care for the safety of your guests by having a small first aid kit in the washroom. Ensure that it is stacked with the most basic medications such as painkillers. The guests should be notified and shown where the kit is kept. Additionally, if there are small children, the kit should be kept out of their reach.

A bathroom with a green cross on the wall.

Don’t Forget Some Flowers and Greens In Bathroom

Flowers make a place attractive. A vase with some fresh flowers will make the washroom look stylish. Go for brightly colored flowers with attractive scents. Add some small green plants. Such plants help freshen up the air. Some like eucalyptus produces a natural fragrance that will eliminate any odor.

A bathroom sink adorned with towels, flowers and a vase.

You should decorate the washroom with the flowers just been the guest’s arrival. Remember to replace the flowers and any plants as frequently as needed. If you know your guest’s favorite color, use flowers of the same color.

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Making a guest feel welcomed and comfortable is every host’s dream. However, Heavy invest is not necessary to achieve it. Simple things such as having a nice bathroom for them goes a long way in making a guest comfortable. You do not need to spend a lot of money to give your guests’ bathroom a glamorous touch.

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