Lazy Afternoons: Searching for a Comfy Retreat

A cozy attic retreat with a bed and pillows.

Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy” – Regina Brett. Many are the days you would like to crawl into a corner and forget about everything and everyone. All you know is sleep, all you want is silence and all you need is to read a book, watch a movie and read Livinator’s posts, of course. In this article we’ll show you 11 comfy retreat spots to serve as inspiration in creating the most enjoyable “lazy corner” ever.

A cozy retreat adorned with bookshelves and a window.
Perfect spot for those days you want to slip into the world of fiction (

First lazy rule: “If it’s more than 5 feet away, it becomes unnecessary”. If you are planning an afternoon alone with your books, make sure they are close by. The same goes for the remote control.

A cozy retreat in a child's room, featuring a white and black teepee.
Teepee is not just for kids anymore (

Who says teepee’s are just for kids? I beg to differ. This comfy retreat looks perfect for accommodating any book worm with a passion for heavenly tasting coffee.

A comfy retreat featuring a white hammock and a window.
Comfy retreat fit for lazy afternoons (
A comfy retreat with a hanging chair in a room with windows and a rug.
Hanging chair: the perfect place to drink your morning coffee (
A comfy hammock adorned with red and yellow tassels, creating a serene retreat.
A colorful hammock to rock your world (

If there’s anything you need to get right now, is a hanging “lazy spot”. Whether it’s a chair or a hammock, you’ll definitely love it. What could be more relaxing than snuggling in one of these things?

A comfy retreat with wooden floors and large windows.
Ridiculously comfortable looking bed (

I hope we can agree that this bed is the kind of bed you become one with. It’s the kind of comfy retreat that gets to learn your body shape in a single weekend.

A cozy living room with a couch and pillows in front of a window, providing a comfy retreat.
Comfy retreat that will make you wonder why you still have a regular bed (

This is the perfect setting for a movie marathon. Grab your tea and popcorn folks, it’s going to be crazy comfortable.

A comfy retreat with a bean bag on the floor.
Bean bag: a stylish and comfy addition to your living room (
A cozy living room with white furniture and a wooden floor, offering a comfy retreat.
The perfect comfy retreat for those days when you have given up on productivity (
A comfy retreat with two black bean bag chairs on a balcony.
Perfect place to crawl in with a book and a cup of coffee (

Bean bags… for those days when you wake up and want to take a nap in a different location. It works great with the majority of lazy activities. Try one today.

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Do you have a comfy retreat that makes you think twice about leaving the house? We would love to know. The more details, the better.

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