Relax with a Backyard Water Feature

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There is something so soothing about the sound of trickling or flowing water.  Including a backyard water feature in your landscape is one way to enjoy this natural element in your own environment.  From the most simple of fountains to grand landscaping plans with waterfalls, incorporating a backyard water feature can transform your outdoor space into an oasis.


Whether you decide on a portable tabletop style, a standalone fountain or a built-in waterfall that flows gently over rocks in a sloped yard, the benefits are numerous.


A waterfall is the ultimate standout feature of a backyard landscaping project.  Not only is it beautiful but a waterfall can be a great way to relax and wind down after a long day.  Imagine lounging in your backyard as the steady sound of water flows beside you, washing away the worries of the day.

Waterfall design by
Waterfall design by

For a modern spa-like outdoor experience, a beautiful stone waterfall can be an elegant addition to a backyard or even a terrace in the city.


If you prefer the gentle, meandering flow of water over rocks and have a sloping yard, a more natural waterfall is ideal.  Even if your yard does not have a natural slope, you can incorporate one by building up the soil and structuring rocks around the incline and base.

Fountain design by AZ Landscape Creations
Fountain design by AZ Landscape Creations

Include natural stonework around the water feature to enhance the space.  You will want to provide a seating area near the water for optimum enjoyment.  Installing lights for a welcoming nighttime glow further adds to the appeal of a backyard water feature.

The Front Porch – An Extension of Your Home


If your outdoor space or your wallet is limited, a tabletop fountain can add just the right touch with a calming water flow and natural appeal.

Neri Landscape
Neri Landscape
Outdoor Living Centers of America
Outdoor Living Centers of America

Small or large, natural or manufactured, including a backyard water feature in your landscaping plan is a way to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space.



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