Agate – Bringing Interiors into the Stone Age

Hockersmith Kitchen, Steven G.

Everywhere you look today, you see agate used in interiors.  This beautiful multi-layered rock was discovered in Ancient Greece.  Today, this stone is found in homes all across the world, made into everything from countertops and lamps to accessories and standalone art.  The unique appearance and rich colors of agate have a universal appeal.

Photo courtesy of Majestic Gemstone
Photo courtesy of Majestic Gemstone

The distinctive pattern of agate is a unique and beautiful addition to the kitchen when used in countertops or backsplashes.  With such a busy pattern, it is best to use it sparingly in the kitchen.  Agate can add luxury to a kitchen when used as the countertop for a kitchen island or bar area.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of


Slabs of agate can be purchased from around 200 US Dollars and installed as fireplace surrounds for a definite wow factor.  Blue agate would look beautiful in a cool gray interior.  Brown agate would complement warm woods.  Slabs can also be inlaid into furniture, such as tabletops.

Left, Corbett Lighting Rock Star 16 pendant light.  Right, Patrick J. Baglino Jr. chandelier
Left, Corbett Lighting Rock Star 16 pendant light. Right, Patrick J. Baglino Jr. chandelier

Chandeliers and pendant lights made with agate slices are beautiful.  When illuminated the stone glows beautifully, showcasing the many layers of color.  Placed in any room in the home, agate chandeliers and pendant lights can add a touch of elegance.

Coasters from; Bookends by FIM
Coasters from; Bookends by FIM.

Boxes adorned with agate are quite versatile and can be displayed in groups or alone in interiors, bringing texture and color to a room.  Slices, available online at and, can be purchased in bulk or in single pieces and used for do-it-yourself projects.  Agate is also used for accessories such as coasters and bookends, which look handsome in a home office.

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Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

If you like the look of agate but don’t have the budget for it, there are beautiful wallpapers available in this distinctive pattern.  These wall coverings make for lovely spaces, especially in powder rooms.  Available in a variety of colors, agate-patterned wallpaper brings great impact to a room.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

The Stone Age is back in 2014 as the appreciation for nature increases.  Used all over the home in a variety of ways, agate brings color, pattern and texture to your interiors.


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