70s Retro Style for 2015

A living room with a 70s retro style, featuring a couch, chairs, and a coffee table.

Retro refers to a design style that encompasses the flair of the 50s, 60s and 70s.  It is a style that is in the design spotlight for 2015, with the comeback of the 70s in fashion and decor.  Bright colors, shag carpet, geometric shapes and sculptural furniture all bring retro interior design to life.  Love it or hate it, retro design is on the rise.

A 70s retro-style living room with green and yellow furniture.
A living room with colorful furniture inspired by 70s retro style.
Daleet Spector Design

If you love bright colors, you are in luck with 70s retro design.  It embodies the bold in orange, mustard yellow, harvest gold, bright green and aqua, among others.  Imagine a kaleidoscope of color that you can use to play up a room’s fun quotient.

A living room with bright red walls and furniture in a 70s retro style.
A 70s retro-style dining room with a colorful table and chairs.

Geometric shapes take center stage, with bold patterns in wallpaper, fabric and rugs.  Furniture takes on a sculptural look with rounded seating and angular tables.  Sofa and chair legs of wood are revealed.  If you want just a touch of retro in your home, these pieces blend in with more traditional, contemporary or modern interiors.

A retro-styled living room with bright colors.
A 70s retro style living room with orange and yellow furniture.
A living room with blue couches and white pillows in a 70s retro style.

Bold patterns on fabrics make for fashionably funky window treatments and accent pillows.  Rugs and wall hangings with colorful designs such as paisley wake up a room.  All of these colorful accessories heighten the drama of the bold gold, orange and green upholstered pieces.

A living room with bright red walls and green furniture in a 70s retro style.
A 70s retro-style room with colorful walls and a colorful chair.

While you may not want to relive the days of shag carpeting, a throw rug adds just the right amount of retro style and brings texture to a room.  Place a shag throw rug in the center of the room to anchor a seating area.

A living room with colorful furniture in a 70s retro style.

Embracing the retro 70s look doesn’t mean your home has to look like it hasn’t been updated in forty years.  Simply add a few retro pieces and accents for a fresh new look.  So, put on your bell-bottomed jeans and your fringed shawl and see what retro 70s looks you can achieve at home.

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Description (modified): A retro-inspired living room with green and yellow furniture in a 70s style.



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