Why the Bar Cart is a Household Champion

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Description: A versatile household champion, the bar cart combines elements of gold and glass to create an elegant and functional addition in any space.

The overall appeal of the bar cart is its mobility and versatility.  This is a piece that many are bringing back into their home, with vintage carts or new.  Vintage carts are also often transformed into side tables, console tables and even bookshelves.  But the classic bar cart is gaining popularity for its intended use as well.  Here are some helpful hints on fit, styling and other uses for the versatile bar cart.  Learn why the bar cart is a household champion.

A black and white striped wall with a stylish bar cart.
Bar cart styling (corporate.target)
A blue bar cart in a living room.
A bar cart can be created from a table (frommoontomoon.blogspot)
A clear bar cart, the household champion that adds style and functionality to any room with a window.
A stylish glass bar cart (skirtpr)

Bar carts can be squeezed into a corner of the room, stored in a pantry or closet until party time, used as an end table, or simply rolled to wherever it is needed.  Whether housing drink preparations or doubling as an end table, the bar cart is convenient and versatile in any room of the home.  Use it in the dining room to serve food or drinks.  Use it at casual gatherings outdoors as well.  Roll it out for special occasions or for everyday use.

Why the Bar Cart is a Household Champion in a dining room.
Bar cart (styleathome)
A pink and gold bar cart, a household champion.
A bar cart can be easily fit into a corner (houseofmoseley)
A living room with a couch and a coffee table featuring a bar cart.
A bar cart can double as an end table (layersofloveliness.BlogSpot)
A household champion - the Bar Cart and its versatility in dining room setup.
A bar cart is perfect for mobile serving (californiamarkt)

Styling a bar cart for efficient use is easy when using trays and decanters.  Arrange these on the top shelf and use the bottom shelf for glassware.  Or simply store bottles on the bottom shelf and use the top for serving drinks.  Add a few decorative elements, such as a vase of flowers or distinctive accessory for a personal touch.  Larger bar carts have wonderful shelves and niches for storing a myriad of items.

A gold bar cart in a room with blue walls, highlighting why it is a household champion.
A nicely styled bar cart (Pinterest)
A bar cart, a household champion for entertaining with style and convenience.
Add some flowers or other accents to the bar cart (Pinterest)
A versatile bar cart in a room with a chair, showcasing its household champion status.
Colorful serving pieces add to the bar cart (thedailysouth.southerliving)
A versatile bar cart adorned with an array of bottles and glasses, making it a household champion.
Bar carts can add interest to an interior (buzzfeed)
A wooden bar cart with drinks on it that showcases why it is a household champion.
A well-styled bar cart (Pinterest)
A household champion, the bar cart, features a mirror and glasses.
Sleek and simple bar cart style (myzestliving)

The bar cart can double as a side table, night table, book case, plant holder or console table.  Its uses are limitless.  The versatility of the bar cart makes it a sought-after piece in many homes.  Its mobility makes it easy to use in the home wherever it is needed, for whatever purpose.

Cool and Sophisticated Gray and Cream Interiors for Your Inspiration
A bedroom with a wallpaper.
Bar carts can double as a night table (homejelly)
A living room with a chair and a bookcase, showcasing why the bar cart is a household champion.
Bar carts make great mobile libraries (Pinterest)
Keywords: living room, gray couch
A bar cart as side table (dailyarchdesign)
A cart filled with potted plants, demonstrating why the Bar Cart is a Household Champion.
A bar cart as a garden cart (buzzfeed)
A living room with a pink couch and a glass console table - The Household Champion Bar Cart.
A bar cart serves as a console table (designgab.BlogSpot)

The bar cart is perfect for entertaining and for serving as a mobile table.  It can be stored while not in use or placed in a corner and styled.  The bar cart is a versatile and convenient item to have in the household.  It can be elegant or a charming vintage piece used in a fresh way.  The bar cart is ready to serve and a true champion of the household.


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