Useful ideas for decorating small living spaces

A collage of pictures showing a small living room, dining room and bedroom.

Trying new things in the home is both exciting and thought-provoking. Traditional ideas about living room décor sometimes aren’t the best solution for small spaces. You can use long, flowing drapes instead of blinds for window treatments for instance since this will draw attention to vertical space, expanding the room’s area.

Regardless of size, your living room should be able to function as a space for entertaining and relaxation. Here are a couple of useful ideas you can apply instantly to make it feel more spacious.

Maximize mirror use

Most designers utilize mirrors in small places to make it appear and feel larger. One of the most usual small living room decoration ideas is to place a big mirror in a central location to make a focal point.

A modern bedroom with a large mirror in a small living space.
Bedroom Mirror Designs That Reflect Personality

You can also reflect light and create a nice ambiance by supplementing with a light source such as a pendant lamp or candle. You can also try to position a mirror across the window to reflect the view and create an illusion of another window.

Draw eyes upward

A room has both a vertical dimension and a horizontal one. If you have a living room with a high ceiling, you can make the most of the extra space via decoration that draws the eye upward. You can make use of floor-to-ceiling drapes to accomplish this goal.

A small living space with blue curtains and a TV.
Floor-to-ceiling watery blue drapes

You can also fill the vertical space by using a menagerie of small and midsize artworks. This technique can make a small room feel larger than it actually is since it invites the eye to see beyond the eye-level horizontal space that sometimes feels confined.

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Make use of neutral colors

Another popular small living room idea is the utilize neutral colors on the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture upholstery. Using a palette of off-whites or beiges can expand the space by seeming to push back the walls. It also illuminates the room by reflecting light. More than enlarging an area, a neutral palette creates instant sophistication and imbues a calming environment.

A modern living room with a flat screen tv in a small living space.
A palette of off-white and beiges will expand the space by illuminating the area

Pick furniture with a light appearance

When shopping with furniture, prefer visual weight. This concept puts into consideration the perceived heaviness of an object based on its size, design, and color. Choose pieces that have a perception of being lightweight since heavier ones can constrict a space.

A set of office furniture for a small living space.
X-Collection of stylish and lightweight office furniture by MILODAMALO

Utilize pale colors and not the darker ones, and select pieces that have legs, not boxy ones. Glass coffee or end tables take less visual space than wooden ones since you can see right through them. Furnishings that don’t block views make an area appear more open.

Choose small-scale furniture

Your choice of furniture shouldn’t overpower the room or appear to dominate the space. For instance, a sofa with thin arms is preferable to one with substantial arms or a multi-cushion back.

A small living space with a tan rug and a tv.
Small scale living room furniture

If you really have a tight space, you could do away with the couch completely and prefer a love-seat or positioning four chairs around a coffee table. When picking chairs, consider armless ones since they take up less space than those with arms.

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So, what are your favorite ideas for making your small living room appear larger?

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