Interior decoration: wall art

Interior decoration featuring wall art in a living room.

Interior decoration is not just about frivolities as some people assume. Interior decorating is the art of decorating a residential home or commercial business according to a client’s personal preferences and style. It includes selecting color schemes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories. It transforms an area into an aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly design.

The first sign of an approach to interior design was noted in prehistoric dwellings featuring flora and fauna. Those dwellings were made of mud, animal skins, and sticks. Later, comes the first defined handmade pottery that was used for both practical and decorative reasons. In ancient Egypt, the rise of royal families saw for the first time people living in structures besides mud huts. The new structures boasted murals that portrayed their history and beliefs. And they had basic furnishings and decorative objects like vases and sculptures – seen for the first time.

The advancement in civilization and lifestyles saw citizens of the Greek empire decorating their homes in their unique style for the first time with wealthier Greeks possessing furnishings inlaid with ornate ivory and silver details. Iconic and statement-making pillars and columns were key motifs during this era and the Greeks also created standard rules and procedures for building construction.

During the austere age when royals of the Roman empire weren’t able to evoke their wealth simply through their homes. The Romans decorated their homes with murals and mosaics, and furnishings featured clawed feet. The Dark Ages saw disinterest in interior design with people opting for simple paneled wood walls, minimal furnishings, and stone slab floors. During this period grande domes and decadent décor took center stage.

Three African women displaying wall art in a living room.

The true beauty of the interior design was a major feature during the Renaissance period with grand furnishings and art embedded in vibrant hues and luxurious textiles like silk and velvet along with marble surfaces. And since carpets were too precious and expensive for even the wealthiest of patrons, they were used as wall art when possible. In response to the dark ages, decorative ornamentation and bold colors were once again prominent interior design features. Ostentatious and ultra-rich artistic elements made for a recipe of sumptuous interior designs featuring stained glass, twisted columns, colored marble, painted ceilings, and gilt mirrors, and oversized chandeliers.

A living room adorned with an abstract painting on the wall, showcasing exquisite interior decoration.

Embodied by a formal spirit, traditional interior design is still a mainstay to this day. Traditional interior design is a broad term that highlights varied design styles and movements that are not restricted to a particular direction or spirit. The traditional design celebrates the illustrious, rich history of the past by contrasting it with decidedly modern elements for an elegant spin on beautiful design while highlighting 18th and 19th-century European decor. It’s a timeless design style that evokes easy glamour and comfort and is a great direction for those who appreciate antiques, classic art, symmetry, and design rich with history.

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Also, the Industrial Revolution interior design was available for a wider audience and was easier to access for the general population than ever before. This is in large part due to easier printing processes creating a wide distribution of fashion and lifestyle publications and the fact that luxury items became increasingly attainable. Taking inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman cultures for architectural details and motifs, this era saw furnishings rely heavily on the use of bronze and gold metal, and soft furnishings featuring silk, velvet, and satin. The trend of matching wallpaper and furnishings also took hold

Rustic interior design features handmade furnishings and large, open rooms boasting wooden beams and columns. Rustic decor provides the perfect combination of comforting, fuss-free design and practical, functional decor, put together to create a warm rustic interior. Natural materials work as the foundation and starting point for creating enviable rustic home decor celebrating the authentic beauty of natural materials to create a cozy, beautiful space.

Some historians point to the rise of needing interior designers who understood how to mix different design styles with authority for the sharp increase of designers in the industry as eclectic style took over aesthetic inspiration. Eclectic style is all about harmony and the coming together of disparate styles, juxtaposing textures, and contrasting colors to create a cohesive, beautifully realized room that wouldn’t be out of place in a home décor magazine as this is one design style that takes verve and a great eye. And since the eclectic interior decoration is all about experimentation and play, do have fun with the freedom it allows.

A colorful living room with wall art and a couch.


Even if you’re not a design enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of mid-century modern design and have most likely been in a room featuring the design style at one point in your life or another. And for good reason, this is one timeless, forever-chic design direction that never seems to lose traction or convertibility. But what does it mean?

To help you better understand this go-to design movement’s popularity and its endless resonance across generations, we set out to highlight what makes mid-century modern design a standout among every other design style, why it could work for you, and how to make the best of it with ease.

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Though the term mid-century modern wasn’t coined until the mid-’80s, and though no one knows its true timeline, the era represents a combination of post World War II practicality, 50’s era optimism, 60’s era earthiness, and 70’s era tones and textures neatly wrapped up in a stylish ode to Scandinavian simplicity.

Call it a reaction to the decadence and gilt-adorned stuffiness of interior design and architecture through to the 40’s if you will, as at the time of its inception, mid-century modern decor was a complete rebuttal and restart for the senses.

The vibe is fresh and poppy, retrospective conversion of old into the new, and completely alluring with its dedication to comfort and practicality wrapped up in a beautiful design that never goes out of style. Unlike other aesthetic movements, mid-century modern decor is streamlined in design, as form follows function while highlighting the materials used, rather than making them something they aren’t.

A living room with ocean view and wall art.

This is why you will love mid-century modern interiors. Mid-century modern design is great for those looking to add authentic vintage styling in their home without having to go full force as today’s iteration is much more subtle in nostalgia. Creating mid-century modern homes is fun and a great way to see even the smallest of spaces come to life with quiet design quirks. The perfect mid-century modern house boasts charming decor that’s for sure, but it also features practical, durable, easy to source at any price design – that’s easy on the eye. The era also allows for more freedom and is less restricting than say minimalism or traditional interior design.


Oftentimes when people decorate their homes they overlook the importance of wall art. Wall art is typical, if even a thought, is on the bottom of their decorating to-do list. One of the most important principles in interior design is that every room should have a focal point, regardless if it is the living room, dining room, or bedroom. When placed in the right area of a room, wall art can instantly draw the attention of every visitor that walks into the room.

If you are indecisive about what kind of furniture you should purchase or what your color palette should be, choose a piece of wall art that you truly adore and use that to inspire your decorating. For example, if the wall art you’ve picked has red as the dominant color then choose a red chair or sofa. If the wall art has white or beige, then pick out some white or beige accent furniture. Your wall art can inspire your decorating choices instead of your furniture influencing your wall art choice.

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A wall art featuring a starry night painting in a living room.

When choosing your wall art make sure you measure the wall it will be displayed on because if your wall art is too small it will be overlooked and if it is too big it will look tacky and aesthetically unappealing. Also, make sure your wall art matches your decor style. It wouldn’t look right if you choose a Victorian-style wall art with a lot of pastels and you have modern decor with bold colors – it would look odd and wouldn’t come together.

To have a better understanding of why wall art is important in interior design, just think of a room that you’ve recently been in and the walls were barren. Regardless of how nice the furniture was, the overall room ambiance lacked in character because wall art was missing. Wall art creates a finishing element that brings the room’s furniture, decor, lighting, and color palette harmoniously together. With the right wall art, your room will go from functional to functional and fabulous.

Wall art is what makes the design perfect, it is like the icing on the cake that makes it tastes better. Many people don’t think about the importance of it and think that this is what comes last in any design, but the truth is that this art gives a whole new taste to your design and it transforms the way the interior design looks in many ways.

A good first impression matters a lot, not just in our social relationships with others, but in how we decorate our homes.

A black and white photo of rocks and a living room featuring wall art.

What defines a man is in what he/she chooses to believe in. Thus, the choice of decorating your home with these modern-day wall arts, ranging from 3D arts to digital art printing, goes a long way to not only proving your belief in the beautiful work of art but also showing your sense of innovation.

There is something very unique about houses decorated with wall arts from Elephant stock online art gallery, which tends to set them apart from the rest of other wall art designs. Some people visit other people’s homes, perhaps a friend or colleague, just to have a chance of beholding the amazing wonder of wall art in such houses. And given that not everyone is capable of affording a quality painted wall art, if you own one of their wall arts in your house, then you cease to be like the rest in terms of class and standard.

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A beautifully painted wall art is capable of transforming a low-budget furnished space, into a classy spot to be reckoned with, as a result of the colorative effect it will add to the walls. Take, for instance, a house whose wall has been decorated with a plethora of elegantly painted wall arts, so much that it gets to look like a museum or a living exhibition. The beauty and intriguing feeling of visiting such a house is often exhilarating

One of the foremost basic principles of interior style is that each space desires a focal point or one style part which will instantly draw the attention into the house and provide the viewer a way of what to expect. A good piece of wall art from Elephant stock might simply fulfill this position. It’s very boring sitting and looking at a plain wall with no designs or pictures on them.

A black and white photo showcasing wall art inside a living room.Inspiration – we need to think about our inspiration piece. It may be a chunk of art or settee you’re keen on. One woman’s antique weight is another woman’s grand – each doubtless inspires the look of a whole area or maybe a whole house.

Once you discover your inspiration piece, select wall art that follows the color theme of the area. With a piece from Elephant stock collections, where you can check wall arts for any room, color scheme, you’ll mix patterns, geometrics, solids, and more. As a general rule, introducing a brand new color needs you to feature it in a minimum of 2 places for a cohesive area. Trust your instincts. Surround yourself with stuff you love.

A black and white picture of a living room with a couch and wall art.

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